FOs: Tempting 2 and Flirty Skirty

I made some adjustments to the Tempting 2 pattern; I described it more fully in the Tempting 2 KAL. I used TLC Cotton Plus: my new favorite yarn.

I also made an adjustment to the Flirty Skirty pattern; it was only written for one size, and it wasn’t my size. I used Wool-Ease, and was pleasantly surprised. It knitted up softer than I expected; it felt a bit scratchy in the skein. I made a belt to match, and just used a pin that was my mother-in-law’s to secure it.

WOW!! I love them . You have done a wonderlful job and they fit perfect too :slight_smile:

Great job,I really like it!

very cute. I have always wondered how knitted skirts ‘wear’ – do they hold their shape, do they need to be reblocked after each wear? Keep us posted.

Both look wonderful and they fit really well. Great work.

Fabulous! They both look great. Love the skirt! Can you link the pattern site for it?

wonderful! Thanks for sharing the pair of them together!

Here’s the link for Flirty Skirty. I had to do some math to make it fit me. My hips are 42 inches, and I didn’t want it to be skin-tight. As it’s written, when it’s stretched the hip size would be 41". But once I got the math figured out, it was super-easy!

Very nice work indeed! :thumbsup:

Ohhh…I like your FOs! The skirt is really neat!

Wow! Beautiful job on both!!!

Wow, they are beautiful, I really love the skirt…very impresssive!!

:happydance: you did a great job! I love that skirt…

very nice! love the personal touch of the “C” on the skirt too…not that putting that there was the most difficult part of the project…:teehee:

I already commented on the top on the KAL page. The skirt is really cute. I like the little pleats at the bottom. You are really good at making changes work out. The fit is perfect.

I like Wool-Ease and use it for a lot of things. I have never used the TLC Cotton Plus. Is it about 50/50 cotton and acrylic? I’ll have to check it out.

The skirt and top are really nice, great job. I love the skirt and my hips are about the same size, so I may just try the pattern. Another project in the for later pile.:slight_smile:

Yes, it’s 51% cotton, 49% acrylic. I love it so much, I just bought a bunch more off ebay. I can hardly wait to use it!

Christine, I too am in love with the Cotton TLC, that is what I am using for my Tempting. It is very soft to work with. (I have been hunting it down on ebay also.:wink: )
Once again, nice sweater and great skirt.

wow! they both came out so great!

They both look great!