FO's: Sweaters/booties

I have been working like mad on sweaters, using the Lion Brand Kimono pattern. I’ve been using acrylics (I need an easy wash care for yarn if the baby’s they are going to are spitters like mine LOL). The tan one, I used Bernat denim style yarn, and the yellow is Bernat Satin. I’ve been playing around with the pattern, doing a rolled trim with a hat to match, and a ribbed trim, with a hat to match. The purple booties are from SnB nation, “One hour booties” They were so simple to make, but they don’t stay on. Pattern calls for bulky yarn and the only bulky I had was Patons Allure (this furry stuff that is oh so soft), but they looked good for a pic :slight_smile:

A doll wearing my first hat/sweater/bootie set (I gave as a gift and she LOVED it)

It’s all so cute! I want to make that sweater.

Very cute! All of them!

Mama Bear

Your baby is so sweet, and the sweaters are beautiful. I understand kids and using acrylic yarn! I made myself a coat out of wool, but my daughter’s matching coat is being made out of acrylic. Easy care is the name of the game when it comes to kids. Keep up the beautiful knitting! :cheering:

So adorable!!!

I love the yellow bernat satin one, the rolled Brim seems to brighten the babies face. I have been looking at that pattern too for a co-worker who’s expecting. Very nice!!!

How adorable! Is the pattern from a book or located on the web anywhere?

Great job :slight_smile:

Those are so cute!

What a pretty berry color!

The pattern is on the Lion Brand web site, you need to register, but it is quick and worth the trouble as the patterns are cute, I printed several today :slight_smile:

Yeah, it’s on the website. Totally worth registering as there are lots of great free patterns. I have modified the pattern though, playing around with different things (like doing the ribbing instead of the rolled hem). I’m going to make one for my babe that has the ribbing because it does add length. The one I made her is from the original pattern to a tee and it’s too short. I also lengthened the sleeves by adding a few more rows after the increases.

I’m known for modifying patterns. I love knitting for babies as well…Krista is such a great little model :slight_smile:

I always use acrylic for kid knitting. My kids are so messy LOL and the Bernat satin runs around $2.49 here. The sweater/hat/booties take about a skein and a half.

Both sweaters turned out great!! You did a wonderful job. The baby is stealing the show tho!! Adorable!! :happydance:

Beautiful sweaters and such a gorgeous baby!

those are so cute!!!

aBSOLUTELY Precious~!!

Too cute! The sweater pattern is here:
It’s the last one on the page.

Do you a pattern for the hats? They’re both adorable.

Super cute!!

Cute, Cute, Cute!!!