FOs - Socks and T-Top

Hello everyone! I discovered KH back in April and have been mostly lurking since then.

I gave up knitting about 20 years ago after one too many times of having my slickery aluminum needles slide right out of all the stitches when I’d set the work down carelessly. I filled the void with crochet, since there is usually only 1 stitch being worked on… when frogging is needed, it’s easy as pie. However, I guess once you’ve knitted, you’re infected with a knitting bug, because this past year I found that I was becoming more and more fascinated with knitted patterns and needles, and would end up in the knitting threads on more than the crochet threads.

The need to knit finally became irresistible this spring, and I discovered KH after I found that I needed help with pattern abbreviations that weren’t in the ancient knit and crochet book my mom gave me back in the early 80s.

I think my knitting relapse is much more intense than it was 20 years ago. Before May of this year, I had absolutely no desire to knit my own socks, and now… I’ve already finished my first pair! I started them around mid-May and finished them before the end of June. I’m itching to start another pair already, and I’ve ordered more sock yarn from Joann (should be arriving by Tuesday).

These socks were made from Lion Brand Magic Stripes in Purple. I bought 2 skeins, and 2 sets of size 2 double-point bamboo needles (bamboo needles are the real reason the knitting bug was able to take hold of me so well… almost no accidental slippage on those little guys), so I could work on both socks at once. I didn’t want the dreaded SSS (second sock syndrome), and I figured that if I worked them both at the same time, then they’d be much more likely to look like they are a PAIR of socks.

I used Denise’s Toe-Up Socks Tutorial on Cybersocks… but used the Magic Cast-On from Knitty… and then when I got to the heel, I was just not getting it, so I searched around and found the Sock-U-Lator II on The Knitting Fiend’s blog (

The T-Top is from Lion Brand Micro Spun in Lilac. The body was crocheted (all double crochet), just 2 rectangles with a square hold for my head. Then, because the knitting bug had me in its grip, the collar and sleeves are knitted. Just stockinette at the collar, so it’ll roll down some, and the sleeves in stockinette with dropped stitches (there were 77 stitches all around each, so after the sleeve was to the length I wanted, I dropped the 11th stich, then did M1s over them in the next round and finished with about 4 rows of seed stitch (k1, p1… and then p1, k1 on the next row).

Terrific socks and LOVE that shirt! :cheering:

And I want to see the flickering flames skirt in your sig line when it’s done!

Pretty socks and the top looks great on you!!

Wow, I’m impressed!

Thanks for all the nice comments. :sunny:

Gardenmommy, that skirt is taking longer and longer to make, since it’s a full circle skirt, and I’m on the largest section now. I don’t work on it everyday, and when I do, I only get about 2 rounds done before I need to put it down and do something else. But I’ll definitely be bragging on it when it’s finished.


Oh wow! That shirt is too cute! And it looks lovely on you.

:cheering: :cheering: Loving the socks and shirt :thumbsup:

Everything’s lovely! :happydance:

All of your projects are so cool! Glad you started on toe ups…I think it definitely the way to go :slight_smile:

[color=green]Those are awsome !!! Love Love Love them both !!![/color]

:thumbsup: Great job!

I am always impressed with people who can manage multiple needles. Love the top too! I have a pattern for one I want to do for myself. I just haven’t worked up the nerve yet to begin it.