FOs--small blanked HP bookscarf

Well, I’m on a kick to finish what’s OTN right now. So far the country cousins blanket and the bookscarf are “done” (see caveat below), and I’m trying to wrap up my second hat (the first one turned out elephant sized!).

Caveat: As you can see from the blanket picture, it’s pretty off-kilter. I need to re-seam it, I guess. My main problem, though, is that the squares didn’t turn out the same size, and for some reason as I knit them and piled them up, I didn’t notice. Oh well, DS sill likes the blanket. He chose the colors and organized the squares for me to stitch together. (He goes to a French bilingual school, so for him, the blue, white and red are the French colors. So very cute are seven year-old boys!)

I’m very proud of my intarsia M, which I “designed” myself. It worked out pretty well!

This is my first Harry Potter KAL bookscarf. I had tons of trouble doing it in the round on size 0 dpns, and then with size 2 circ. So I did this one flat on 4mm and seamed it. Not functional as a bookmark, but a scarf for a bear or doll seems to be its destiny.

I finally got size 0 straights and was able to do this bookscarf that will work as a bookmark for dear niece. I did 1x1 ribbing so I wouldn’t have to seam it. The color change on the left side got a bit funky, though.

That’s it!

BTW, sorry for spelling boo-boo in title. Can’t figure out how to edit that!

My dd wants me to make some of these books scarves for my grandson for Christmas. The pattern she has uses dmc thread instead of yarn and you knit with dmc thread. They are really cute as are yours!

Yes, my bookscarves are wtih thread, too, or maybe it’s called floss. In any event, it’s not normal yarn. It was a fun little project, but like everything I do, mine came out a bit funky. Still works, though.

I would have never thought about knitting a book scarf!! What a cute idea for the bookworms in my family. Thanks for posting your pics! (And the blanket is really cute, too, btw.)

Thanks! I got the idea from the Harry Potter KAL in the KAL forum here. Early in the thread there’s a link to the pattern. It really is a cute item, and a nice gift, now that you mention it, for readers. You could even go crazy and knit words or a name into a bookscarf. I’m using it right now (to test drive it, right?!) in a regular sized paperback book (not the small, grocery-store types, but the larger format), and it works fine.

Thanks for your encouragement!

You know Teeka, what you could do or do next time is make the scarf doubly wide from what it is and insert a strip of plastic then seam it closed. It will then hold up better for kids at least. I like soft bookmarks so for adults, I don’t think it is an issue.