FOs - Slippers and tunisian crocheted bag

DD told me that she wished she still had some slippers that her grandmother had crocheted for her many years ago. So I’m hoping these will surprise and fit her. I used Red Heart Soft yarn for the slippers. The slipper pattern is in the Leisure Arts leaflet Cozy Crochet Slippers and Throws…rated for beginners. The bag pattern is in the Coats & Clark booklet Crochet Made Easy. I enjoyed doing the tunisian crochet and hope to do more.

Those look great!

they look terriffic- I love the little pompoms on the slippers. and the bag looks very nice- I like the olors you chose, it looks very summery

ooooohhhhh, those are really nice!

PS I love your bird!

Thanks for the compliments. The yarn used for the bag is the same Red Heart Soft that I used for the slippers. The photos were taken on different days…cloudier when I shot the bag plus a different location so the colors (the teal) looks different. I decided to go with flowers instead of pompoms. They were easier to make with my Bloom Loom.

Love my bird, too. He’s a black capped conure and is funny although he bites.

Both of them look very nice. I like the added touch of the flowers too. :slight_smile:

Great job! So you like the tunesian… was it hard to learn? Have been reading alot about it lately… but haven’t tried to wrap my brain around it yet…

I’m pleased to announce that the slippers fit even over socks. Poppy can even wear them with her Crocs.

You do really nice work. I knitted a hat with the same type of yarn and it works up really nice but what I really like is how soft it is next to the skin.