FO's: Sackboy 2.0, Dishcloths and some WIP's!

I tend to knit a lot of scarves so I always have a bunch of knitting projects going that are never ending… I really needed some Instant Gratification though, so I whipped up these small projects. :slight_smile:
Sackboy 2.0[/B]
I made a Sackboy for my son a few months ago. My SIL (who is a huge fan of the game) adored him so I made this little guy for her. It was love at first sight! :heart:

You can read my Ravelry notes on him HERE.

SIL, Lottie and her new Sackboy!

These were great. Learned how easy and satisfying mosaic knitting can be.

Left to right: Magic Stripe, checker/basketweave, mitered aquare and checkered diamonds.


chevron stripe scarf: Been working on this since June 2009! It’s about half done but I ran out of black yarn so it’s on hold for now. I keep dawdling with this one because I cut the yarn after each colour and weave in the ends. Carrying the yarn up the side just made the edge look all wonky.

I started this one last August when I was couch bound in my third trimester. It’s about half done or so too. The pattern is VERY long and detailed (28 rows with knits and purls on every row! Oy!) however so with my son toddling about it’s hard to find time to sit down and knit it. I hate stopping mid repeat so I won’t pick it up unless I know I have time to knit through a full repeat.

I also have an easy chevron like lace scarf I am working on, and a “Noro Stripe Scarf” using KnitPicks Chroma. I was nearly done that one but ran out of my black contrasting yarn. I don’t have any pics of those ones yet!

Fabulous projects each and every one. Very well done. And where [U]do[/U] you find the time?

Thank you!

I knit during nap time. haha My son has been decent about taking two 1.5-2 hour long naps each day so I would use that time to knit.

The wash cloths took a couple days worth of naps to finish, same with the Sack boy.

I haven’t been able to knit much this week as my son has been cutting his second tooth and learning to walk so his naps have all but disappeared right now.

Your projects are divine. Good luck with the finishing.

Everything looks just great!!!:inlove:

Cool!!! I wonder how much sewing you had to do for the Sackboy? And I love both scarves, very rich colours and texture. Keep going :slight_smile: I am thinking of adopting ‘no more than two projects at a time’ policy to get to Gratification point faster :slight_smile:

Sackboy wasn’t a horrible amount of sewing up, just had to seam each piece (2 arms, 2 legs, head and sewing the zipper on to the body) but they are very small so that wasn’t a lot. Then sew the pieces on to the body.

A lot of people made mods so he is knit in the round to avoid sewing him up. I’d rather sew up then knit knit with DPN’s though.

Thank you. :smiley:

Awesome, your projects are all done so nicely. I love that you made the open mouth Sackboy.

Lovely work Krystal! And you find time with a wee one? Double wow!:woot: I found that pattern for the checker/square/diamond dishcloth pattern over on Ravelry. I’m going to give it a try, but cutting the size down a notch. (Finally found that it’s a multiple of 12 +1) and she adds an extra stitch at each end of the row. I’ll hold my breath and see how it goes.:hair:

I just thought I’d send you this link for a dishcloth you might be interested in. It’s on my list, but I haven’t tried it yet. Thanks for the other pattern! Jeanie

This is such an [B]admirable [/B]collection of knitting! Just [B]wonderful![/B] I’ve had SACKBOY on my mind for quite some time…it would make such a great little gift for my great-grandson, don’t you think? SACKBOY is so adorable!

Your knitting is really nice! I love the collection of dishcloths, too! All of it!

[B]The Marijke scarf:[COLOR=Blue] wow! [/COLOR][/B]I found the pattern in the Ravelry database, and “faved” it! It caught my eye immediately! You’re using a perfect yarn!

You’re right…it’s a pattern that you best finish a whole repeat before putting it down!

Another thing I’d do…place a lifeline in the stitches of the last row (#28) of the repeat! If you forget where you’re at, or if you (horrors) make a mistake…you can count up from that Row 28…find your place…or, in the case of a mistake that you can’t figure out, or easily correct, you can at least frog back to the last known row (#28) on the lifeline, and work back up the pike. Been there, done that!

I’d knit this scarf too, but I prefer [B]charted knitting[/B] for something like this. Word-for-word instructions (for something so intricate) BOGGLES :eyes: my mind. Charts are so easy and visual. I wish she had developed a chart for the pattern design. Well, that’s extra work, and her design is free! We can’t complain!