FO's pumpkins

I am loving Jan’s pumpkin pattern. I have 2 done and 2 OTN’s. A lady at work is going to help me with the crochetted curly q’s. I’m still waiting for the instructions to make a larger pumpkin :tap: ( :slight_smile: )to be posted so that I can make sets of pumpkins to give the ladies at our Thanksgiving dinner.
The flash seems to have highlighted the stuffing, but just sitting on the counter it really isn’t visible.

Oh my those are so cute! :yay:

Oops…sorry about the instructions. I haven’t updated the pattern, but basically here is how you do it. When you have completed #4 and have 50 stitches:

Continue to increase every other row by increasing in the first and last of the knit stitches. That keeps the increases nice and neat and the pumpkin ribs aren’t interrupted. Then knit straight as per #5, but you will need to do more than 4 inches. How much more you do is dependent on how many increases you did and how you want your pumpkin shaped. Less would give you a wider squattier pumpkin, more would be taller and more round. NOTE: you may need to use a longer needle for bringing the tail from the bottom to the top and be very careful not to lose the needle in the pumpkin.

Does this make sense to you?

Thank you Jan - it does make sense as I am reading it and I will cast on right now : )

They came out great. No one can ever have too many pumpkins.:inlove:

SOOOO Cute! Where did you find Jan’s pumpkin pattern? LOVE IT!!!

Thank you! I posted it when I originally posted my FO pumpkins. :wink: It’s on Ravelry along with a my mini sock pattern, too.

:happydance: very cute!