FOs NORO Multidirectional Scarf, 2 great felted bags!

I made this multidirectional scarf from Noro Kureyon color #52 for my husband. I just love it a lot. The pattern is found here

The green bag is called the romantic ruffles bag found at the site made with their Mauch chunky yarn.

The purple and pink bag is ofcourse the - My Constant Companion bag found in Knitter’s stash. This is also knit with Mauch Chunky from Kraemer.

You can read more about it on my blog

Those are all beautiful!!

:cheering: Great job! I love the colors in the scarf. Thanks for posting the pattern website. When I went to it I saw that there is a change to finishing the scarf. Myself and others at our local yarn shop, owner included, were not happy with the original finishing instructions. Now I can pass this on to them, also.

Your bags are cute, and I like that scarf very much!

Wowee!!! :thud:

Love all the colors!

love that ruffled green bag!

They’re all beautiful, but if you turned your head, I just might snitch that constant companion bag. :out:


I just love that scarf and the purple bag! Great job.

Thank you all! You are all so kind. Miatamama I finished my scarf with the adjusted finishing, so the last triangle came without any problems.
Rennagayle - Thou shalt not steal!!! (Now where do I remember reading that??) :angelgrin:

Everything is so pretty - I love the ruffles on the green bag!

They’re all so pretty…the green bag reminds me of a flower. Great job on them.