FOs - Newsboy Caps

I’ve been on a Newsboy Cap knitting spree lately. My first cap happened to be my first finished project for myself. I was always busy with other items for my family, so I never got anything done for myself. I was so happy to finally finish something for myself, plus I always wanted a newsboy cap.

After I finished it my mom asked me to make her one as well, but with a button on back. So I made her one with a yarn button I learned how to do a while back. Then she wanted another one in the rainbow mohair type yarn she bought a long while back for me to make her a scarf or something with.

No images of the mohair one yet. And right now I’m working on another cap for myself and will be making one for my friend soon as well.

They turned out great!!! What’s in the bill that keeps it stiff? Love the yarn button too - where’d you learn to do that?

Yes yes, how did you do the yarn button?

Very nice!!

I usually not a hat person, but those styles are the ones I LOVE! Great job.

Here’s how you can do the buttons -

Don’t know how she did the bill though. these are great!

They turned out great! I love the addition of the hand made yarn button … I’ve been wanting to try out that technique! :woot:

Oh wow! These are adorable! Thanks for including your Ravelry name (hot linked) in your signature! I was able to visit your Rav projects and “save” the hat pattern!

You really did a stellar job on these two hats! Congrats!
They are so unusual to see! Good work! Love the colors, too!

The hats are adorable!! :inlove:

Thanks to everyone for the nice comments. As Jan posted earlier the yarn buttons are from Knitting Daily Although I used plastic instead of cardboard so it won’t disintegrate if it gets wet. The brims were a wrap & turn pocket with a cut out plastic folder inserted to keep it’s shape better. I made a few changes from the original pattern to suit my tastes better, like the folded band for a piece of elastic to go into. And I changed the original decreases to get the decrease lines to not show up as much.

That was an excellent modification! Makes perfect sense! :thumbsup:

I removed a brim from one of my husband’s old caps and used it in a new cap that I made him last Christmas from a leather skirt I bought at a thrift store. The brim is made from some type of plastic material. If you make others you might check out the thrift stores for caps with a brim similar to the shape you need.

These are great!! Love the button too!

You did a wonderful job!!!:yay:
I like the woven look of the buttons also.

Very cute! Love the button detail.