FOs - More felted clogs

I finished some more Fiber Trends felted clogs (for my mom this time).
Here are the clogs before felting:

After felting:

They are made with Lamb’s Pride Worsted. I’m going to apply some puff paint on the bottom because my mom has hardwood floors and will probably slip and then I’ll feel guilty :doh:

Stephanie, they are beautiful…your mom will love them :smiley:

Love the colors, they look great! Good idea on the paint for the bottoms so she doesn’t slip! :thumbsup:

Oooo those are pretty! I haven’t tried clogs yet, but when I do I’m going to try using rug backing on them. I’ll try a sample piece first of course. My experience with puff paint and hot glue is that it doesn’t seem to stay grippy feeling although I haven’t tried it on slipper bottoms.

Rug Backing

ooooo - what a great idea for any slipper/clog or cozy sock thing!
maybe with the puff paint or hot glue you could stick a brush or something esle with multi spikes into to the almost dried puff paint or glue to give it some more traction? :thinking: Just a thought…

:shock: I think I’ll try the rug backing first. My laminate floors might not take kindly to a stick or brush on them. :roflhard:

Very nice! :thumbsup:

Those are beautiful!

Awesome - it is so amazing how those start out so big and shrink up so perfectly! :smiley: Love the color you chose. I’m just thinking that I’m going to have to try these some day.

ooooo, I love the colors. They match my robe! Lamb’s Pride huh?? I might have to try a pair for myself!

Those are sooooooooooooo AWSOME !!! I love 'em !!! For someone who has never made clogs before, would you say they are hard to make ??? I would sooooooooooo love to make a pair !!! You did an awsome job and that purple screams “WEAR ME” !

Oh love these, there is a class being held here in the city where they are teaching on knitting these, they are soooo cute! :heart:

I think everyone in my family might appreciate a pair of those, where they difficult to make?

Rhy :XX:

Rhyannon…there is a whole KAL for the clogs HERE. They arent difficult, just require concentration and counting. That KAL thread has become the ULTIMATE resource for clog preparation and questions!

Im going to print that ‘receipe’ now…hehe…thanks soooo much!

Now i need not pay a whopping 65.00 for the class…hehe.

Rhy :XX: