FOs: Mittens, mittens and more mittens

I think Pure Determination is a fitting name for this post. Did you notice that there are [I]two[/I] of each?

After failing to add animal faces to mittens, I added animal hats :slight_smile:

Yeah, you finished! They all look wonderful!!!

Wahoo! They are dee-lish! :woohoo:

:heart: :heart: :heart: Your mittens look nicely thick and warm!

Yarn? Needle size? Pattern?


I especially love the fingerless mittens. Do you have the pattern for them?

Thanks! For little mitens: Yarn – Cabin Fever Northern Lights, bulky weight. Needles – 4.5mm bamboo dpns. Some kind of general ‘how to knit mittens’ instructions :slight_smile:

But I counted stitches and wrote it down, just in case because I liked the proportions. If you have a hand to measure against, it’s easier. Basically, you cast on whatever number of stitches you need (24 or 26 here), make a cuff of your choice (either 10 rounds of 1x1 ribbing or 3 garter ridges), knit in a round until someone’s thumb (in my case, it was either 10 or 12 rounds, leave 4(5) stitches on scrap yarn, continue in the round until the pinky tip. Then decrease by k2tog and ssk on each round until 4(6) stitches left.

I tried a more gradual decrease and left some stitches to graft on white mittens but the brown ones look neater, I think.

And for the thumb, pick up two more stitches on the sides, I used M1 increase to avoid holes. When the thumb is long enough, k2tog on the last round, pull yarn through remaining stitches.

And wristwarmers are here

Those are some great looking mittens, Olha. I bet they’re very warm, too!

Good job!

wow! I am so inspired! Fantastic job!!! I really hope to be able to make mittens after I finish learning my socks!

Perfect! The red fingerless mitts are gorgeous and in such a great color. I look forward to seeing the cats and mice, but regardless the mittens are beautiful and look toasty warm. Thanks for the patterns.

Such nice work!!! And the photography is extra special! Thanks Olha!