FOs: Little Knitted Wristband Motivators

Hey, that’s me again. I am not sure what to call these things yet, it’s a wristband that is supposed to express one’s views of the world, or project a certain message or and possibly motivate to live up to a certain view of oneself. I don’t know if it’s appropriate to mention the blog but more detailed explanation together with the story behind it is here.

But these pictures are for your entertainment, as always.

So, this one just means ‘love’, and it is a sort of encrypted message that anyone can attach to anything.

This one says ‘NS locavore’

This one is [I]I bike [/I], to promote healthy life style.

and again [I]I bike[/I] (now in more musculine colours that match a larger number of husband’s t-shirts)

I imagine that you could knit anything you wish – from your national flag to the ‘due month’ for expecting mothers… to demonstrate a little ‘I am what I knit’ in yet another way. What do you guys think?

Those are awesome! You are so clever!

What a good idea! I’ve never seen anything like it and it has limitless possibilities. It’s always a delight to see your latest designs.


As you can imagine, they are just a knited tube with the rolled edges that can be adjusted to fit a wrist. You guys are always very supportive but I wan’t to see ifRavelry people would find it interesting. If so, I might hire someone to write a little program that would help a knitter to create a personalized message with just a few clicks.

Also, socktivism? If it didn’t require knitting a pair of socks (that I don’t have time for now), I would try to say something on my ankles as well :slight_smile:

They are great! What fun!

Very nice, Olha. And you’re right–lots of possibilities.

I hope you get some positive feedback on Rav. I’m sure you will.

(Too bad your ankles aren’t in on the game yet!)

These are really awesome! Great for gifts! Great as stash busters! Great for knitting on vacation! Portable! Yay, Olha!

What a great idea! I am positive you will get lots of good feedback on Ravelry. I love your expression “I am what I knit”.

Thanks! I am what I knit is my rendition of ‘you are what you eat’ :slight_smile: I am not sure it’s a proper parallel but I got amuzed with the rhyme :slight_smile:

Those are just simply adorable!

Those are great. I particularly like the bike. You are so very creative.

Love the ‘I bike’ message–where did you get the bike pattern, or did you make it up? Love riding my bike daily, weather & time per-mitting, so would like to knit something like this. Thanks, linknit41

What a great idea!

Thanks! I made it myself and at some point I will publish it on the blog.

These are so neat!

About your ankles…you do realize you can use low-cut or no-show socks and tack the cuffs to the tops, don’t you? I don’t knit sock feet because they wear through so easily (usually one or two weaqrings…what would be the use of that?) but a bag of no-shows and a darning needle can fix you right up.

Totally terrific! Everyone will want at least one!