Hi there!

I finally finished my [B]Celtic Tote[/B] by Jennifer Tallapaneni from IK Winter 2007. It turned out really great, but it was such a PITA - the knitting part is just great, but the embroidery for the cables - never again :shock:! Then, not trusting the magazine’s picture, i’ve decided to add lining. As i mean to use this tote as knitting bag, i decided that i must do one. Well, it’s my worst piece of sewing ever (i’m not that good at it any way, but that was a new record). I hand-sewed the damned thing to the tote. I also added a very ugly pocket inside, but nobody can see it and it’s great:teehee:. It turned out quite big, because i knitted on bigger needles than required.
[B]Yarn[/B]: Knit Picks WOTA in Fern and Evergreen.
[B]Needles[/B]: 6.5mm.

Being absolutely exhausted by the finishing stages of the tote, i’ve decided to take a stashbusting sidetrip to the Bulky Land.
[B]Pattern[/B]: Jude by Kim Hargreaves from Rowan’s Bigger Picture.
[B]Yarn[/B]: Rowan Biggy Print in Chuckle.
[B]Needles[/B]: 20mm.

I didn’t have enough yarn for a whole sweater, so i did 2/3 sleeves. I started them from the top, reversing the shaping of the sleeve cap.I also changed the turtleneck collar and left it open, like some sort of shawl collar.

Hope you like them.

Wow, I love them both! That tote is very impressive. Lovely work.

Beautiful! I’ve always admired that tote, but had no idea the dark shadowing was done with embroidery! :zombie: It came out beautiful though!

Thanks!The shadowing is done with backstitch embroidery and doing it all around the cables is absolutely :hair:!

Your tote came out really nice! I think you did a much better job on the felting than I did with mine! I like the color too :wink:


Thank you:teehee: I was absolutely paranoid about the felting:shock:. I started hand felting the tote, then i saw i’m not getting very far, just burning my hands with the hot water, so i threw it in the washer with a pair of jeans and something else and kept sitting in front of the washing machine (i have a front loading one) like a cat (ya know, rolling my head and eyes with the washer:teehee:) for 15 minutes and then decided it’s enough. I think it’s just what the designer meant - not too felted. But on the other side - i’m sure yours is much sturdier and keeps its shape better.

Both look great. Well done.

Absolutely gorgeous work!

That is a whole lot of embroidery you did, but it looks really good.

Your sweater is good, but I got a good giggle out of imagining it on me. :teehee:

They look great. I love the tote. It looks great!!

:yay:they both look great!

Looks like it was well worth all the work. I think it turned out wonderful!!! Love the top too!

Thanks! I was giggling too when i wore it. It’s chunky and warm. The ladies at my knitting group where i started it said “You should be really thin to wear a sweater like this”. And i’m looking at myself (i’m 5"2 and 121 lbs ~hoping Google did the math ok from metric~) and saying “Well, i think i still can get away with that, don’t i?”:rofl:

Wow ! I Love the tote . Wonderful work. :slight_smile:

Beautiful work! I love the tote.

great job, I love the colors and the celtic cabling is great

Tee Hee! I like that…a ‘sidetrip to Bulky Land’!!!

Truly, these are both great projects, as are all of your things! This tote is so cool. I just gotta make one myself. Wouldn’t it be great to have a tote like this to go with SYLVI, that coat we’re working on?

Yours is super nice with the lining added. I think that will give added stability! Good for you!

Thanks for sharing all the humorous sides to the story!
I needed that! And thanks for the links, too!

Thank you :hug: !
I think it would look great with Sylvi! You can make it in red and do the shadowing of the cables in white to match the coat and make a matching hat in red and white. I think it would be really cool and classy!