FOs - hats for kids

Here’s a couple of hats that I made for my niece and nephew.

The first is just a simple rolled-brimmed hat with a leaf and flower done in Caron Simply Soft Brites.

The second is Woolly Wormhead’s Baby Jester Hat done in Red Heart Soft Yarn and Caron’s Wintuk for the ribbing.

Both turned out adorable and the kids loved 'em!

The hats look great . I love the flower you have added . :slight_smile: And those two big smiles say it all :slight_smile:

[SIZE=5][COLOR=royalblue][B]Those are down right cute! [/B][/COLOR][/SIZE]

[SIZE=4][COLOR=royalblue]The kids look pretty pleased too. :thumbsup:[/COLOR][/SIZE]

How cute, the kids look very happy with them.

Cute hats . My boys would love them . :smiley:

Those are adorable!!!

Those are adorable! Great job!!

Very cute!

What adorable hats and beeeeauuuuutiful children!!

They are just too cute! Both the hats and kids! :slight_smile: What fun projects you picked!

:inlove: they are so cute and look so happy in their hats! Great job :yay:

Thanks, everyone! The kids are so much fun to knit for - they appreciate every litte thing I make for them. They are wonderful kids.

The hats are cute and the children look very happy wearing them!

Oh I love them both!! And your niece and nephew are adorable-and clearly very happy with their new hats!

Very nice hats!! The kids looks pleased as punch with them.


I love the colors on both the hats!!! Wonderful job!

Those are so flippin cute!

Your neice and nephew look adorable in their cute hats!!