FOs: Happy Birthday to the Triplets

My friends have triplets that will be turning 5 on Monday:cheering:. In celebration of their birth and my new knitting skillz I made them birthday gifts. (ok so maybe I’m not good enough to merit the z yet, but I’m trying.) All three of these patterns came from New Knits on the Block, and all three of them were pretty easy.

Sorry about the blurry picture, trust me it looks pretty much the same when it is not blurry.

The fireman’s hat didn’t felt quite right so it kinda has a animated Dr. Seuss shape, but if the Cat in the Hat wanted to fight fire, this is what he’d be wearing:lol:
This one was the hardest. Not because it was really hard , but because the pattern in the book was wrong. I didn’t have any trouble finding the corrections, but I did have to frog from about the shoulders back to the beginning

Oh there are going to be some very happy triplets! Great job - and I love the fireman hat, cartoony and all!

Beautiful! I think you’ve earned the Z. :thumbsup:

Everything looks great! I especially LOVE the fireman’s hat!!

Those are GREAT!! :yay: you are going to very popular :happydance: hehehe

A well earned Z for you.

Good work:)

Those are some cool gifts that they will be getting. Great work, ADAllen.

Great gifts! And no lead for mom and dad to worry about.

Lucky triplets! Can i be the fourth child there :rofl:?

We spent all weekend with the triplets at the water park, but tonight was their actual birthday party. The gifts were a hit! As soon as Henry unfolded his cape he threw it on, spread his arms out, and went [I]flying[/I] around the house. It was all worth that one moment of glee. They are so cute!

My hubby is already explaining what he wants his cape to look like:teehee:

Aww, those are all so cute, what lucky kids! :cheering:

I am so glad they loved the gifts and were so appreciative!! and you picked great projects. very cool!

What fun knits! Great for the kids. I like the tallll hat. So fun.