FOs~Girly purses for girly girls

Both are knitted with Redheart supersaver yarn. Both are patternless, just things I came up with on the fly. The fluffy stuff on the top of the purple one is Patons “Twister”.

Those are cute!

:smiley: Too cute :wink:

Cute! I really like the fluffy stuff on the purple one! :smiley:

How cute! And fun! I love the Twister, perfect color for that purse!

Well, I heard from my mother. The girls got their purses and they both loved them! Yay!

I guess the little one was sad that there was no fluffy yarn on hers. I told her “Hey! I sewed a bear onto yours!!”

She said “I know Jennie, but next time will you put some fuzz on mine too pweese?”


Of course I will.

(hides page from 7-yo DD who would MOST certainly want such purses)

Great job!

Now don’t forget the fluff! LOL

:smiley: I knew they were going to love them!!

Sweet, sweet. I love knitting for kids!


Those are really cute!!!

Very cute!

Great job! :thumbsup:

super cute =D

I love those! What nice gifts!! :inlove: