FOs - FT Clogs

FINALLY got around to felting some of the Christmas cloggies.
I’m totally a fan of WOTA. this was my first felting experience with WOTA. now to get KnitPicks to offer more colors of WOTA ;)!
for sizing, I asked them for their foot measurements in inches. I made them a bit too small because mine and CV’s stretched out quite a bit with wear.
Darrin’s are Evergreen and Winter Night
Mike’s are Mist and Spruce
Dad’s are Fern and Chestnut - one of the uppers is HUGE, I tried to felt that one on its own after taking the other out, but no go. maybe mom can felt that one when they get them.

Wow, looks like catalog ad for felted clogs! Great job.

They look great! :thumbsup:

Look at all that fuzzy goodness!!! Great job!

They look great! I especially like the fern & chestnut. :smiley:

Jodi, they all look WONDERFUL!! :cheering: :cheering:

GORGEOUS!!! tooooooo cooooool!

Looooove them :inlove: :inlove:
And VERY jealous of the sun and obvious WARM weather!!! :smiley:

:heart: :smiley: thanks ladies! now I hope they dry by Friday.

They look wonderful! Great job!

GREAT job!! Love your color combos!

GORGEOUS~~~~ :happydance:

thanks :smiley: :heart: !!!

you’re a clog MACHINE!

naw Hildie, I ain’t got nuthin on KK! wimpy me whines about making only 5 pairs :oops: :rofling: .

:thumbsup: I am so impressed!!! I must admit i’m a little skeerd to start :?? I love the colours you chose. :heart:

:cheering: I Haven’t tried clogs but ya’ll are making me want to… Great job!! :thumbsup:

After watching you all make them I’m going to see if Lonnie would like a pair, even though I can’t wear them…I think he may love a pair for around the house…I must show him your photos :thumbsup: