FO's from Christmas

I don’t know why it always takes me so long to post these, but here are some of the things I made at Christmas.
The socks are my first ever attempt at doing two at a time on two circs. It took awhile to wrap my brain around this, but I love this method, no more SSS! The pattern is from More Sensational Knitted Socks by Charlene Schurch and it’s the Embossed Moss Stitch. It’s kind of hard to see the pattern with the yarn I used, which was Regia 4 fadig color. I was very happy with how they turned out and my friend was very excited to recieve them, she’s been waiting awhile for a pair of socks from me.

The same friend also got a hat and scarf from me. The hat pattern is from here and the scarf from here. They were made from yarn in my stash, JoAnn’s Sensations Bellezza Collection, Cosetta Dark Multi.

My preschoolers got mini stockingsas their pressies. I used Cascade 220 (the red and green yarn) and the white yarn was Patons Classic Merino. I had lots of fun making these!

My sil’s 94 year old grandfather got this hat made from more stash yarn, Unger Utopia, I think.

Phew! Thanks for looking! :slight_smile:

Everything looks gorgeous!! :yay:

Everything looks lovely . I just love your mini stockings , I know the kids must have loved them :slight_smile:

Your friend is one lucky person to receive such beautiful, caring gifts. I hate making socks, so I just love it when my good friend knits a new pair for me. She has made me three pair so far and I love them all.

Beautiful job on everything!!! Don’t you just love being able to go into your stash and produce such beautiful gifts? That’s how I justify buying more yarn when it’s on sale. :smiley:

:happydance:They all look wonderful!

Everything is beautiful! Thanks so much for including the pattern links. I’m bookmarking them now.

Lovely! You were very busy and everything turned out so very nice.

Everything DOES look great. The stockings are wonderful! :yay:

All your projects look fantastic! The recipients are really lucky. :slight_smile:

Oh gosh! You were busy busy busy! Great assortment of knitted artwork!!!

The socks, hat and scarf for your friend are nice. Are they all the same color, and it is just a camera thing? Lovely gift.

It looks like you had a ball making the stockings, one creative thought led to another creative thought. :slight_smile: Are you a preschool teacher?

Nice hat for Grandpa. I see so many older folks who don’t seem to wear a nice warm hat, and I worry about them. He’ll have warm ears.

The hat and scarf are the same color. Yep, I’m a preschool teacher!

Very beautiful love the colors!:heart: