FOs for Linka

I thought I should show you my Friend Linka in my knits. Because of Her I started to knit and crochet. Here you’ve got some projects from last year. Today is 16 weeks without Linka… :frowning:

:heart: :heart: So sorry about dear little Linka. What a precious inspiration for your beautiful work!

I really like the rainbow sweater :happydance: she is so CUTE :inlove: love the knitting too. Watch out for KEllyK she may want a little nibble

Her beautiful spirit shines in her eyes! Thank you for sharing these with us!

Those photos just break my heart. What a precious, beautiful little girl. Thank you for sharing her and your lovely knitting. :heart:

Lovely knitting, I’m sorry to hear about Linka.

Everything is beautiful. :heart:

Thank you for sharing.

Very pretty work! Linka is very cute.