FO's: Fluffy Mittens and Viking Socks

These are my recent FO’s, that i was finally able to take a few photos of.[B]
Pattern: [/B]Plaid Mittens by Alison Hansel.
[B]Yarn[/B]: Taiga Melody and FF Filati Over.
[B]Needles[/B]: 5.5mm.
[B]Mods[/B]: Smaller needles than required and one thumb gusset less, all due to my sister’s small hands :teehee:.

And the socks for my dad:

[B]Pattern[/B]: Viking Socks by Lykkefanten.
[B]Yarn[/B]: Peterle Strumpfwolle 6-fach, 75% superwash wool 25% nylon.
[B]Needles[/B]: 3.00mm.

The pattern required some thought from me on the construction part, since it’s not as specific as Cookie A.'s patterns, for example.

The back cable:

The cables don’t pop up as they could have with this yarn, but they are still visible and look pretty good to me!

Pretty! Love the socks!

The mittens are cute and look so cozy. And the socks…:notworthy:
They’re beautiful!

Fun fuzzy mittens, and I love the viking socks, very nice!

Oh, what yummy stuff! Those socks, with the cables, will certainly be warm!!


Love love the socks!!!

Thank you everyone :hug:! I hope my sister will like the mittens - she’s crazy for pink! And i’m sure that even though my dad refuses any knitted socks (he feels uncomfortable that i’ll spend time making him something), as a present he won’t mind them at all:happydance:

:inlove: Love the socks, you did a great job!! The mittens are soo cute! :happydance:

Love the cutesy pink trim on the mitts! and the viking socks would be welcomed for sure!

Both the mittens and the socks look great! I love the pink fluffies :slight_smile:

They both look great!!! Love the fluff on the cuff of the mittens. And your socks are gorgeous!!

[CENTER] Love the socks,nice job:woohoo:

I just love your socks, If your dad do not accept them, you can always send them on over to me. The mittens are very cute, might have to make a pair for my two year old.

Thanks! I’m pretty sure he will :teehee: I’m not so sure you can adjust the mittens for a toddler. I haven’t mentioned it, but my sister is 22 years old with small hands :teehee:, so these mittens are small adult size and are designed for Rowan Plaid or similar chunky yarn, so maybe you can use the general structure with much thinner yarn:thumbsup:.

The socks are a great guy gift, and the mitts are fun. I like the fuzzy yarn.

I think I will just use a plain old kids mittens pattern and substitute the ribbed cuff with the funky fur yarn. Should be a quick knit.