FOs: Fetchings, Fake Isle Hat, Cable Twist Socks

Hey everyone! Since I already post my pics on Ravelry, and it takes me kind of a long time to resize all my pics, then save them on PhotoBucket, then post them on here… I don’t do it for every little thing anymore. lol Whaddaya gonna do?

But I’ve been knitting a bit lately and just wanted to share what I’ve been up to.

This is my first Fetching! I originally made it for myself (made the first one the night before I left for school, then made the second one on the plane ride) but my friend, who picked me up from the airport, wouldn’t take any gas money. I asked her if she wanted this mitts, and she did :smiley: (They were made with the leftover Cascade 220 from the Fake Isle Hat)

So I made my second pair of Fetchings, for myself, with some stash yarn!

This is my second Fake Isle Hat, made with Noro Kureyon and Cascade 220, for my best friend’s brother.

And my first pair of worsted socks, the Cable Twist Socks from Hello Yarn, out KP Swish Superwash.

More details on the Ravelry. Let me know what you think!

Thanks guys, you’re the best! :muah:

Fabulous x

Everything looks GREAT! :thumbsup:

They’re all just great! Don’t you just love your Fetchings!? I think I like this Fake Isle Hat better than the first, and I didn’t think that was possible. Love those Noro colors. I have to make one of these. And the socks look very warm and cozy. Bet you’re enjoying them this winter! Beautiful work, as always!

Sooo cool! I especially love the hat!

:woot: Everything looks wonderful!!

All of them look great!

I’m glad you are still finding time to knit. Fetching is such a fast little knit, and cool when finished. Yours look really nice. The hat is pretty. How are the worsted socks treating your feet? Can you wear them with shoes or just alone? Very nice cables on the socks.

Rachel-great job! Everything looks fabulous! love the socks!
You can also change a setting on photobucket to have your pics immediately resized to posting size when you upload them. super easy to do. makes it easier and faster to post your pics!

As usual, everything you do looks terrific. I’m going to bounce on over to Ravelry for the “more details” part. :slight_smile:

omg, i love that hat. the colors are fabulous!

Everything looks great, especially the hat!

You are SO talented - GREAT work!!! :muah:

Everything looks really great!! I really love the hat, its gorgeous!

Everything turned out great!! I especially like the pink socks!

Besides being a great knitter, you are a wonderful, creative photographer, littleredhead! Way to go! Love all of it!! :yay: