FOs: Drawstring Bags

A couple little drawstring bags I came up with. I’m also working on a little beaded bag, not done yet.

Those are so cute! Can’t wait to see how the beaded one will turn out! :slight_smile:

Those are adorable!

:inlove: too cute!

They are lovely . Ideal for carrying that special little gift :slight_smile:


Too cute :cheering: Are you sharing the pattern?

That is so cute,the beaded one will be super…I’d love the pattern also

Ah, so adorable! Love the colors, too! Almost makes ya wanna keep 'em displayed somewhere for their own beauty!

Very cute bags. perfect little present with a little something inside.

They’re adorable!!! What pattern did you use?

my “pattern” at this point is mostly just scribbled notes. I haven’t gotten this tweaked just the way I like yet. For example, the bottoms are different, and the pink one has a more ruffled top. I plan on making some more of these, so when I have the pattern down, I will be more than happy to share with everyone!

These are really pretty. They would make great gifts that’s for sure!

What kind of yarn is the white with the blue? It is so pretty.

it’s just sugar n cream

I love those bags, great gift idea. The colors are really nice too. Thanks for sharing.