FOs - couple of wraps and a scarf

I love these 3-way wraps! When I saw this yarn I immediately thought of this pattern. I’m still looking for the perfect buttons for it though:

closeup of stitches:

And this one is for my daughter. She hasn’t seen it yet. :slight_smile:


This is myMulti-directional scarf made with Mini Mochi - love this yarn!


I have another one of these OTN for my daughter. This yarn is a dream to work with. It is SO SOFT and I love the way it stripes.

Ooooooo la la! Wonderful work!
You should be very proud of these 3 projects!

The Button Drawer (.com) has a vast variety of buttons, modestly priced, and they deliver VERY QUICKLY!

I just bought 9 buttons from them. I needed some 2" BIG BUTTONS for a knitted coat…and it’s really hard to find great buttons in those big sizes!

Oh my goodness, these are enviable projects. Great work! I want to be you when I grow up to be a real knitter. (guess I’ll have to live to be 100, cuz I’m already over 60, lol)

Thanks ArtLady!! I have looked online several times and struck out there as well. You’re so right - those BIG BUTTONS are really difficult to find - especially when I have something in mind I’m looking for. UGH! But I went to the Button Drawer and just ordered three 2-1/4" square buttons! Hope they fit the bill!!

I love the yarn in the top project. Nice work on everything. The tan striped one looks very soft and comfortable. Really cool scarf.

They are all terrrific Wanda :thumbsup:

Love them all! cloud9

Wow, they’re all beautiful. I’ve been meaning to make that scarf, but couldn’t decide on a yarn. Thanks for the recommendation!

Superbb works …i like all