FOs - clogs and baby sweater

Couple of recent FOs - Fiber Trends clogs (I’m so excited that I finally have my own pair!) and a baby sweater for my boyfriend’s boss. Take a look at the pictures on my blog!

Those are great!

BTW…if you post the photos in here you will get more views I’d think. :shrug:

The clogs look great & that baby sweater is so orginal! Great job!

Thanks Jan, I realize it’s probably better to post my pictures here but I have to size them one way for my blog and then another way for the forums here, sometimes I’m too lazy to upload them twice! :teehee:

Wow, that baby sweater is really cute, I :heart: the sleeves! Good work on the clogs too. :hug:
I took a look at the enterlac bag that you made, that is really beautiful!

wow… i love that sweater - so cute!!

do you have any plans of writing up the pattern? i think you should - it’s wonderful!


That sweater is adorable!

Cute! :thumbsup:

Love the sweater…also, really love the needle case. I want to make one as a gift for my sister, but haven’t found one I liked. Was there a pattern?


They’re all so cute! The clogs look really cozy. :inlove:

That baby sweater is adorable! Great job!