FOs: Christmas Ornaments

Hey everyone! I was looking on Ravelry last night for some cute knitted Christmas ornament patterns. I found some cute ones, and I made this set of a tiny Raglan sweater, a stocking, and a pair of mittens. They’re made with some scrap KP Essential in Burgundy and Pine and size 2 KP dpns. Let me know what you think :slight_smile:

ETA: The actual patterns are called:
Stocking - [U][COLOR=#666666]Tiny Sock Ornament[/COLOR][/U] by Everwhelming Liz
Sweater - [U][COLOR=#666666]Tee-Tiny Raglan[/COLOR][/U] by Loribird
Mittens - [U][COLOR=#666666]Mini Mitten Ornaments[/COLOR][/U] by Andrea Kopacek

So cute! Were they hard?

They were all pretty simple, just tiny :wink: It’s definitely a great way to use extra sock yarn and a couple free hours!

Not hard at all, just tiny :wink: It’s definitely a great way to use extra sock yarn and a couple free hours!

They are soooo cute! Wish I had the time to whip something up like this, they would make great little pins or could be put on magnets or zipper pulls (ideas are flowing, but the needles are in park).

That’s so cute!!! I hope you have no house elves that will take it from a tree :wink:

:thumbsup: They look great!!

Those are adorable!!

Very nice! :thumbsup:

Oh my goodness, those are so cute! :heart:

Great job Rachel! I like the mitten and sock best.

those are really cool!!!

Those are adorable! I may have to do that next year, it’ll give me the chance to use up scrap yarn I can’t use for anything big but can’t bring myself to throw away…lol

those are auuudoorable…glad to see you’re still making socks:teehee:

These are simply great! Thanks for including the pattern links.

Those are adorable!

Those are so adorable!

How adorable…Where can I get the pattern? Mary

Those are just adorable, I was gifted with some a few years ago, and love to put them up each year.

Mary, there are url’s at the bottom of Rachel’s post to direct you to the patterns.

How Cute are those!!