FO's : Cabled purse, and beret


I knitted a cute cabled purse for my mom for Mother’s Day. Lined it and everything!

Unfortunately it didn’t turn out as well as I hoped… the handles didn’t match each other perfectly for some reason. Also, my sewing skills suck so sewing the lining in… well, it ain’t a pro job, that’s for sure!

But my mom was required to love, seeing as how it was a gift from me. :slight_smile:

Pics here (yarn used was Lamb’s Pride bulky superwash) :

I also used the same yarn to (attempt to) make myself a beret. Unfortunately, I didn’t make it big enough, so it looks more like a poorly fitting hat. Sigh… so it hit the frog pond this afternoon, and it will hopefully enjoy life as a hat for my toddler. Pic of the beret, may it rest in “make me look like a goofball” peace :

Somehow I didn’t take a picture of it flat before I frogged it! So this crappy pic of me wearing it is all I have… no documentation of my first beautiful lines of decreases for a hat! Ah well… it was eager to hit the frogging pond.

Thanks for looking![/img]

cute! sorry you had to frog the hat… but better frogged than never worn!

I think they are both cute!

Both look fabulous. Be proud!! :happydance:

they look great! :thumbsup:


Great Job!

That purse is wonderful - and like Hild said better to use the yarn for something you’ll actually use!

Great knitting… even if you didn’t :heart: the results 100%.

I really like the purse and the hat! They’re very cute! Great job!

I like them…agree with hilde, better frogged than never worn. I’m sure we will be seeing the reincarnation of beret in the near future :wink:

I love your purse. Sorry about the hat…I HATE frogging things…all that hard work!

That purse is the cutest thing–and hey–YAY for you and your cute little beret–at least you got a picture of yourself in it before it hit the frog pond!! :thumbsup:

I love that purse pattern! Looks great :slight_smile: