FOs: Broad Street Mittens, Tea Cozy, Dishcloths

Hey everyone! I finally have pictures of my Broad Street Mittens, along with some small projects (tea cozy and two dishcloths). The mittens were made using Online self-striping sock yarn and some buttons off an old cardigan, and everything else was from discounted Lily Sugar 'n Cream. :happydance:

Bonus points if you can “Name that Chord”!

[FONT=Times New Roman][SIZE=3]Fantastic work.[/SIZE][/FONT]

I tried those mittens and I gave up. :roll: Your look FABulous!!

All of your FO’s look awesome! :thumbsup: I really like the tea cozy… what’s the pattern?

The pattern is here but I changed the top of it just a bit so I can leave the cozy on most of the time and still brew the tea. Thanks for the positive feedback, everyone! :woot:

Awesome work! I so want to make those mittens. I have a pattern and will wait and see if there is any yarn left over from my shrug!!

You’ve been a busy girl! Wonderful stuff!

Oh, the mittens turned out great! And I love the tea cozy – thanks for the pattern.

Great work, as always.

Super duper and looks fantastic!

Great work Red! :thumbsup: Absolutely love the mittens-what’s the pattern?

Saw your sweater too - WOW! you are just flying girl!!! Great job all around!

Everything looks great. You get so much finished–I’m jealous. :slight_smile:

Thanks everyone for such awesome feedback! It’s just a pattern from Knitty. If you found it too hard, don’t give up! I have to admit that the way it’s written was pretty confusing on some spots, but you can kind of improvise if you need to, because I think the basic concept of mitten/hobo glove is a really functional item!

I’m so glad that you enjoyed my work! Thanks :slight_smile:

Great work. Love the mittens

Rachel, you do such a nice job at everything you do! How long have you been knitting?

I’ve been knitting since Christmas :slight_smile: Thank you sooo much for your kind words!!

Great job on everything! I love the pic of your mittens with the piano. I was a flute/music major in college-I loved it.

Great work. :cheering: I particularly love the mittens. They are so clever. Now you will be able to keep playing in style if the heat goes off. :slight_smile: They are really attractive and practical too. :muah:

I love the mittens. Great colors. I think that Peaches n’ cream still makes a colorway that like one.