FO's~bib and burp cloth

did these in Sugar n’ Cream Rosewood. for my new niece.

Both are very pretty! I love that color. :thumbsup:

Beautiful job!! I love how the colors came together in the burb cloth - very cool!

Gorgeous!!! :heart:

very pretty!

Yum, it reminds me of neopolitan ice cream!

Those are so nice! I’m sure she’ll love them…well the mom, not the baby. :lol:


thanks everybody!

Where is the pattern from? I have a bunch of sugar and cream leftover from a washcloth-making spree that I was on, and I’d love to use some of it to make that bib and burpcloth. I can never have too many burpcloths!!

Mason Dixon Knitting book. got them cheap

Very nice…that’s one of my fave Sugar & Cream colorways :thumbsup:

Koolbreeze, those are really lovely. I :heart: those colors.

Aww those are cute!

Great job on the burp rag and bib combo. They are always a big hit with the parent’s! I love the color you used. As said previously, it looks like Neopolitan icecream.

My lovely neice absolutely hated wearing bibs. I had knit her so many of them and she hated them all! :shock: So on a whim, I knit up a short vest made of Sugar and Cream for her to use in place of a bid… and she took to it like a fish to water. Now she’s about 19 months old and trying to squeeze into the vest bibs I knit for her when she was just little. So it’s back to the drawing board to make new vests!
So, if you happen across a child who doesn’t want to wear a bib, try making a short vest for them to wear. Although you may not be able to get them out of it! :cheering: