FO's: Bella Set and Celtic Tote

Here are a couple of recently finished projects that I finally got pics of! :slight_smile: The first is a hat and mitten set based on some mittens wore by the main character in the movie Twilight. Here are the links for the hat and mittens.
The second is of the Celtic Tote from Interweave Knits. It over felted a bit but I think it still looks pretty good. I haven’t lined it yet and after using it yesterday I think it definitely needs it!

Everything looks great!!! The hat and mittens are wonderful. You knitted that bag so fast and it looks great:thumbsup: I’ve been knitting it for 3 months on and off and only yesterday felted it. Now just the lining left. Mine is green too!

Beautiful job on all of these! I’m loving the way those cables stand out on your felted bag … beautiful!

:happydance: Everything looks great! I love the mitten/hat set

I love the mitten set and bag! Those cables are so cool!

wow - such gorgeous things !!!


I love the bag and hat and mittens are beautiful :slight_smile:

Both are beautiful!! Well done!

They look great. I think the Celtic Tote looks fine-not overfelted at all. I have that one in my queue. How was the pattern?

I love both! I will have to make the hat and mitten set for a serious Twighlight fan. Thanks for the links!

Beautiful work on all of your projects! I love the definition of the cables you achieved in the felted tote. Just wonderful.:notworthy:

Great job,Lib! I’ve been thinking about that tote for myself,nice to see one in the colors I’d choose. And I agree that it doesn’t look over felted at all.

Everything is great! I’m gonna have to make that Twilight set! :slight_smile:

Soon, soon… I’m determined to finish the lining first :slight_smile:

I knitted the bag fast-ish because it was inspiration to get out of a slump hehe I hadn’t knit anything for nearly a month and was just unmotivated until I was reminded of that bag adn thought “Ok, that’s the project to get my knitting mojo back!” hehe…

The pattern was no problem. There was something that bothered me but when I asked around on Ravelry it seems others who had made the pattern just took it as a design element. On teh bottom part of the knot if you follow the cable chart there are 2 places that the knot “strands” don’t weave in and out like I feel they should. Instead of alternating over and under there are 2 places that it crosses over twice and to me it just looked like a mistake. I’m kinda finicky about celtic knotwork and so I just changed the pattern so that it evenly wove in and out. No big deal except after that point my cable crossings were reversed to what the chart said. Didn’t bother me hehe… Plenty of people have made the pattern as is and it looks fine, like I said, I’m just a bit picky when it comes to knotwork haha…

The other thing I did that was not in teh pattern is I crocheted around the top edge and handles for some extra reinforcing. But overall I think it’s a good pattern and I plan to make more as Christmas presents since this one came out so well! :slight_smile:


Wow, everything looks fantastic, but the bag is my favourite.

Those are really nice! I just adore cables of any kind!


Oh they look great!!! I love love the bag

FABULOUS, AS USUAL! Love your work!!! :heart: