FOs: Bags for my sisters

I made these bags over the last couple of weeks as Christmas gifts for my 3 sisters. They are all Noro Kureyon. Two are Booga Bags and the other is a Sophie Bag. The button and pendants are from JoAnn. I finally got the Kureyon to felt fully after 40 minutes in the washer!

They will love them, they all look so pretty :happydance:

Those are so pretty! :yay:

Those are cute and I really like the colors. Nice Job.

I really like the colors you chose.:thumbsup:

VERY nice!! Yoru sisters will be thrilled for sure!

Very pretty - love the pendents on the booga bags, great touch!

Wow, all three are superb in color and in craftmanship! I love the way you’ve dressed them up with those pendants. Your sisters sure are blessed with a sis like you! :slight_smile:

Excellent! Your sisters are very lucky.:thumbsup:

Slim, those colorways are absolutely gorgeous! So vibrant!! :inlove:

Which colors did you use?

I’m knitting a Purse for my sister. I kinda messed up, the pattern calls for seed stitch, and in a hurry plus being interupted I misread the pattern, so it is in k1 p1 ribbing, I’m way to far into it to change, and since I’m using Lion Brand Thick and Quick it’s turning out fine.

Your bags will be nice gifts.

I made a new years resolution last January to learn more knitting techniques and start a shop on I did both. My shop is meager, mainly because of the 23 bags I made, I ended up selling many locally to friends, and giving away the rest. But I learned so much and am stuck on felting my knit projects.

I’m new here, haven’t knitted in years, and even then, I never did anything but scarves…but oh…those purses are gorgeous and very inspiring! Your sisters will love them, I know I would!

They all turned out great…I’m sure your sisters will LOVE them! :inlove:

They look great. Such pretty colours.

Those are so pretty! Love the pendants and button you chose too. :thumbsup:

[COLOR=“DarkOrchid”]Egad! Put me on your list…!
Wonderful! Love the colours and the felting.
Anyone would love to have one of these bags. Your sisters are very lucky!
:knitting: [/COLOR]

they are beautiful! great job - the colors are amazing and bright!

Beautiful…love the colors, especially the third…hope it is NO PEAKING until Christmas…

Beautiful! I have yet to knit with noro. Your sisters are very lucky to have a sister like you! Merry Christmas!

They are lovely and i just know that they will love them :slight_smile: