FOs: Baby hats

Tis the season for baby girls in my family. We have 4 little ones who will debut in the fall. We have a new granddaughter and 3 great-nieces, including a set of twins. I’ll be knitting baby this and that for awhile :knitting:

Here are the latest additions to the baby knitting parade. I’ve got a pretty blanket on the needles as well. When I needed a break from the blanket project, I saw these little hats and decided to do a few of them just for fun. These are my first ‘in-the-round’ attempts, completed with my first wrestling match with DPNs and the discovery that my sofa has an insatiable appetite :mmm: for knitting needles.



Those are beautiful, Ginger! Nothing is more fun than knitting for babies!

If you get tired of searching for a lost needle you might want to learn Magic Loop. It’s all I use now.

Those are adorable, every one. You’ve certainly succeeded with dpns and knitting in the round. It’s good to have a some sort of break from an afghan, even a baby sized one.
Congrats on all the new babies. What fun the fall will be!

Oh my! Those are too too cute! You certainly don’t look like a newbie to the DPN front, that’s for sure.

Well done. And have fun this fall loving on all those little ones. (“Baby this and that” indeed!!)

Good job! Those will keep the new little heads warm.


Thanks Jan! I just started knitting back in November and really haven’t finished many things yet. I’ve done a scarf, a sofa pillow and these hats as FOs. I usually make a start and then have to rip it apart a couple of times to get it right. I’m not fast, and I don’t have a great deal of time to knit. But then, speed is not the point of my knitting at all. :wink:

The baby blanket is a slow go, but hopefully it will be a treasured comfort item for my granddaughter.

I’ll check out the Magic Loop and give it a try on the next hat I do. I’m learning as I go. The hats were a first with DPNs and a new (to me) cast-on method, the double cast-on. Having a choice between DPNs and another technique is cool. :thumbsup:

Thanks! I do love the time I spend with my sticks and string, as DH calls it.

The new babies will all be long distance fun. Our granddaughter is in the San Diego area and all the great-neices are up near Dallas. We are down near Houston, so we won’t get to cuddle and spoil them very often in person. But you can bet your bippy that the Holidays this year will be spent with babies, babies and more babies :cool:

Thanks, Antares! The pattern is one most can do in their sleep but it challenged me in several ways because I’m not a very experienced knitter.

First lesson learned was not to be shy about ripping it out and starting again from my lifeline when I’d obviously not gotten the instructions right :aww:

Second lesson… even on something seemingly simple, the use of stitch markers and something to keep the stitches from sliding off those DPNs is a lifesaver when those inevitable interruptions happen.

Third lesson… it’s not a race. Staying relaxed and taking time to pay attention to each stitch forming pays off big time.


Even seasoned knitters have to do that often. I don’t have to frog hats often anymore, but plenty of other things. :teehee:

And no, speed is not the point. It’s the journey. :thumbsup:

Btw, I am a late convert to knitting, too. I started when i was 53 i think. No grandkids yet unfortunately, but our 3 daughter’s friends have given me that enjoyable baby knitting.

Oh they are really beautiful. Baby is going to have a nice warm head.

Awwww the lighter one looks just heavenly!! Congrats on knitting cute baby hats!

These are positively absolutely ADORABLE!!! Great choice of yarn, too!!!

Trish, the yarn on the lighter one is called Confetti. One of the expectant moms called dibs on that one already and told her friend whose organizing the shower that she wanted a cake to match the hat :slight_smile:


Very very sweet…I haven’t tried magic loop as Jan has suggested yet but I find circulars are my friends…The girls will look beautiful in their hats.

I played a bit today with magic loop and think I’ll give it a serious try for the next baby hat. I’m using Denise interchangable circulars and the cords are a bit on the stiff side. I tried it with some very inexpensive (but much too short) bamboo circs just to get a feel for how it worked (total of 16st). I like it, but will definitely need something with a larger loop even for a newborn sized hat! My stitches on the ‘ends’ of each group are much more loose than the rest so I’ll need to do some practice to get the tension consistent, too. :??

I tried magic loop with my Denise needles a long time ago. It’s one of the reasons that I no longer use my Denise needles as often as I once did. I have found that the Knit Picks circular needles work very well for ML, but I am sure there are many other needles that would work very well. Now that I have learned magic loop, I rarely use my dpns!