Fo's: baby goodies (hat, sweater, socks)

:woohoo:i just finished this baby set, i guess you could call it. everything is from different patterns and yarns and they weren’t necessarily meant to be worn together but they kinda match. i made these for my best friend from elementary school who lives 700 miles away and just had her first baby, a baby girl named Sabrina. i’m so happy for her and she is the first baby that i have gotten the chance to knit for.

the hat was supposed to be the upside down daisy baby hat from knit it! spring 07 mag but i just left it plain, w/o the daisy. i still think it looks cute. it’s made out of handknit cotton by rowan.

the cardigan is the daisy baby cardigan from knitty. still needs buttons though. i made it in the 3-6 month size because they live in arizona and i don’t think they will need this sweater until winter time. the yarn i used caron simply soft. it looks more purple in real life.

the socks, i am most proud of. :happydance: they are a basic fan and feather lace pattern. i found the pattern from knitting pattern central (tried getting the link but i’m having a hard time loading their page right now). i made them with some left over online supersocke yarn.

Awww they all look adorable! I bet your friend will be thrilled to get them!

How cute!!!Sabrina will be one good lookin" little girl!!!

They are just beautiful!

What a lovely set! Are you getting buttons to co-ordinate with the hat and sock colours or not going to do that??

Oh, they’re all so cute! I’m sure mom will treasure them because they’re handmade by you. You should be very proud of those socks – they look great!

Very cute!! I like Susan’s idea of buttons that would tie the sweater in with the socks and hat, like the dusty rose of the hat. But, on the other hand, if they just went with the sweater it would maybe have more fashion mixing possibilities with other things. It’s always hard to decide what to do with buttons. :slight_smile:

As others have said your handmade gift should be very special to your friend.

I too especially love the socks. I’m a Feather and Fan fan. Lol

i actually added some pearly white buttons almost immediately after i posted the pictures. they were just some leftover buttons i had from another project.

thanks everyone for your lovely comments!

That’s one lucky baby. Everything looks adorable.

Wow they look so great!! Awesome work :thumbsup:

What a great gift

Very cute, you should be proud of your socks, they’re beautiful!:cheering:

Aww, it’s all so sweet, I just love knitted baby items!

They’re beautiful! You are a good friend, she must have been so pleased. I knit baby things for my friends too when they had their first baby–now I’m older, there haven’t been any first babies in a while. I’ve had to move on to other things!

i really hope she likes the set! i finally got around to shipping it out yesterday so i hope she gets it soon.

Your starting Sabrina off right. She will be a budding fashionista with the knit goods you made her. I love the socks.

Everything you made her is gorgeous!! I would have been thrilled to receive this “set” :slight_smile:

You know she’s going to expect more, now that she’s seen what you can do :teehee:

Great job!!


haha i actually just got an email from my friend today and she already received the stuff! only 2 days, thanks ups. she said “i didn’t know you could make clothes!!” ha, neither did i ! she said that she really liked everything and that it means a lot to her that i made her stuff. cloud9 i’m so happy that she likes it!

Your knitting is beautiful. Your friend will love it.

Sandy in N.Z.