FOs: Baby Cardigan & Drop Stitch Scarf

The cardigan is for my cousin’s baby. The pattern is Fawn Pea’s Super-Natural Stripes Cardigan. I added the extra stripes at the bottom and added extra buttons.

The scarf is for my mother-in-law. The pattern is the Mile-A-Minute Scarf no.2

Ooooooo weeee baby! Oooooo weeeee! That’s code talk for WOW! WONDERFUL WORK!!!

Nice work! And LOVE the yarn you chose! :thumbsup:

Great job! Both turned out wonderful!!! I’ve been pumping out a few of those drop stitch scarves myself lately! LOL

Sweet! Love the dropped stitch scarf - yours is so lovely I think I want one too!

Great little sweater. Very super-natural colors and buttons. Beautiful affect. I love the yarn you used for the scarf too. It looks great it the stitch you used.