FOs ~ Baby Cardigan, Booties, and Hat

Here is my first completed baby set, a hat, booties, and cardigan.
I guess this should be on the charity forum, but these are the types of baby sets that I am making for our local crisis pregnancy center.

Thank you, KnittingHelp!!

This is where finished objects go so you’re fine.

That came out really cute!

Adorable! What a nice thing to do. Kudos on both!

Well done, indeed! They’re beautiful.

Awwww! Those are too cute. I’d love to see a baby dressed in them, but since it’s for charity, I guess I’ll just have to imagine it.

Super job and for such a great cause! :woohoo:

Well, actually, I have a nephew that size, so if I was allowed to post another picture, you could see a baby wearing them.
Thank you, everyone!!!

You’re allowed to post another picture, but it’s up to you!

What an adorable baby set! Very successful project and for a wonderful cause. Well done.

It will take a few days before I will see my nephew, but I will definitely try to post a picture of him. My little sister loved it. She insisted on dressing her baby doll in them, but the baby was half the size. :slight_smile: Then, she tried to put the outfit on herself when I wasn’t looking, and she kind of stretched the hat out. (My hope is that it shrink a little when I wash it.) Two year olds are so cute!!!
I have started a pink set now, wish me luck!

Very, very cute and what a sweet thing you are doing!

How adorable. Some baby and mother are going to cherish this. What a wonderful thing to do.:muah:

How absolutely adorable! What a great job you did! :thumbsup:

What a funny, sweet story. I hope the pink set (in a larger size) will be for your sister. It sounds like she might need one! I bet washing the hat will get it back to the correct size!

I think a 3-pc set is so complete, so well-thought out! This is lovely!

A lovely outfit for some baby boy or even a girl.