FOs: Baby Blanket and a couple of Facecloths

So, it’s been awhile since I posted any FO’s (ok, well really, I’ve only had a couple, and I’ve completely forgotten to take a picture of my scarf I finished a few months ago, my first “big” kind of project, and I love how it turned out). Anyways, here is a baby blanket that I finished a few weeks ago and then donated at a local women’s shelter. And I also have a couple facecloths I made from the “Oh My” yarn that I got from my yarn swap partner a couple months ago (or something?)
I’m still a “new” knitter… so there are a few mistakes and stuff in my work… (I started knitting in January sometime… but I don’t have a lot of time for it…)

Looks great to me

Very, very nice!:heart:

Pretty baby blanket – I like the border! That’s really nice of you to donate it to the women’s shelter.

Thanks for replies! The facecloths… one I messed up on a little and I was too lazy to fix it… lol…
The baby blanket was really really simple, it took a long time (because I was still learning and had to restart a few times).

Great job!! :balloons:


Mistake?? No no … it’s called “adding character” … :thumbsup: :teehee:

Good one!:thumbsup::teehee::blooby:

Mistake?? No no … it’s called “adding character” … :thumbsup: :teehee: