FO's: Armwarmers, Cashmere stole and Selbu Modern

I’ve finished a few things recently that i’ve wanted to share.
Irish Hiking Scarf Armwarmers from a stash KP WOTA as a birthday present to a friend:

Cashmere Stole from stash 2/28NM Lace weight cashmere]. Colourmart’s yarns are from mills spinning yarn for industrial knitting, these are luxury yarns at very affordable prices and they come still oiled, so after finishing the stole, i washed it thoroughly with almost boiling water. The yarn bloomed beautifully and i must say i’m hooked!
The pattern is [U][U][/U][/U]Mystery Stole 4, i’ve only knitted half the stole and modified the final clue:

Selbu Modern in stash Rowan Yorkshire Tweed 4-ply:

Hope you like them :slight_smile:

Oh my, they are all beautiful! Lovely work.

Love them!!! The tam is my favorite…geometric knit work is just wonderful!!! Great job!!! :yay:

Thank you! I was still editing my links and you’ve already replied :teehee:


Thanks for the info on the yarn, love the stole!

That are all beautiful! :inlove: Love the way you took the picture of that over your shoulder. :thumbsup:

beautiful Nat!!

Thank you! It’s not cold enough here yet to take photos outside and DH couldn’t get the angle right, so i just went to my mom’s bathroom (we were over for dinner) and took the picture myself:thumbsup:

They all look wonderful. I was thinking of doing the Irish Hiking mits to match my scarf.

Your projects are gorgeous!! The colorwork on the hat is so intricate!!! :inlove:

Wow!!! All gorgeous projects!! LOVE LOVE LOVE the shawl! Great job Nat!

I like everything!:muah: Specially beret:inlove:

Wow Nat - they are all fantastic!! What a great job on the hat!

Wonderful work, Natalia! :heart: Divine! :heart: You’re a great knitter!!!

Thank you everyone for your words! It really means a lot to me :hug: :hug: :hug:

OMGGGGGggggggggggg alls the items r super, duper beautiful n nice color

Huh, I could have sworn I posted to this thread already :?? If a second post mysteriously appears please disregard.

Anyway, what I thought I said was . . . those are great. The fingerless gloves/wrist warmers look so comfy. :slight_smile:

WOOHOO I live the arm warmers…Love the color…:cheering:

Beautiful job Nat. Especially nice job on the stole.:thumbsup:

Everything is beautiful!