FOs and WIPs

My DH keeps telling me that I need to take pics of my work so I finally got around to it today. The two scarves and the hat have been done for awhile, the belts have been wips for about three or four months just because other pieces had to be done first. The poncho I completed today. The pattern for the poncho is from the Getting Started page of this sight. The body is made of Pattons Allure and the trim and coller is Caron Bliss. I knitted it for my granddaughter. It’s a little large but she’ll grow into it in no time. The hat goes with the Hiking Scarf both are Woolease. I’m working on a hat for the Branching Out scarf, both are made with Jiffy.

Nadja xxx

Everything looks great! You must be a fan of pink :slight_smile:

:inlove: :inlove:

That’s some pretty stuff!! I must make that Irish hiking scarf someday!

:cheering: :cheering: Very nice!

Everything is gorgeous…I LOVE the pink!

Everything is so beautiful! You are very talented!

Everything is beautiful!! I love the color of the hat!

Gorgeous stuff! I love that poncho, it reminds me of the Ugg booties, like a faux sheepskin…so toasty!

Gorgeous! I love that branching out scarf!! :notworthy:

Everything looks great!! I love the Irish Hiking Scarf… it looks soooo warm!!!

Everything looks nice! :slight_smile:

What beautiful knitting!! I like the colors you’ve chosen and that poncho is adorable!!

:muah: Thanks everyone. It’s funny but I never noticed my pention for muted reds and pinks before I started knitting and even then I didn’t notice until a friend and I were going through my stash. I just seem to gravitate to it. I love the Wool-ease Dark Rose Heather.

Nadja xxx

I am loving the scarves!

OMG, am I the only one who noticed that green man statue behind your beautiful FO’s? :teehee:

I made Heart with the yarn called for in the pattern, but I think your yarn choice looks a lot better. You def see the pattern a lot better.

Gorgeous work, btw. :heart:

OMG, I almost pee’d my pants…too funny!!

OMG, I almost pee’d my pants…too funny!![/quote]

I’m glad you like the Green Man sculpture. He was made by my DH’s incredibly talented hands. My DH did a series of sculptures and paintings about the Green Man (who in celtic mythology is the guardian of the green places) as well as his consort the Good Goddess. If you liked that you’d love the painting entitled Spring Planting featuring the Green Man and the Good Goddess…uh, I guess you could say preparing the soil. :??

Nadja xxx

bwahahahahaha - i was like “isn’t anyone going to mention that?” :roflhard:

love your FOs - very nice work!

Hmm, was there any knitting? All I saw was a green mans pee-er.

LOL Ok, now Im caught up to date.

When my dd was 3 she would have dreams about the “Green Mans”. She said he (they) were very nice. It freaked me and dh out. Glad to know hes your friend and is ok. I hope he had pants on.