FO's and WIP's NE "Ruffle Purse"

Here are a few projects I have been working on/finishing. “Russell the Sheep” by Rob Scotton is a favorite from my collection of Children’s Books that have knitting/sheep/yarn in them !

Look at all your pretty things! You’ve been busy! Everything looks great. Can’t wait to see the bag felted up!

Wow those all look gorgeous! Loving the ruffle purse and your “billfold” - must get that book. The 25 bags to knit book was so disappointing that it put me off the pursenalities book for fear it would be the same. However, that ruffle purse looks adorable… hrm time to re-think maybe!

Your ruffle purse is coming along great! That was one of the patterns I liked out of that book.

:smiley: You sure have been busy!! Everything looks great!!! I, too…want to do the ruffled purse…it’s too cute :thumbsup:

The purse is so cool…not sure I’d have the patience for all those ruffles :shock: The billfold is really cute too!

love it!

Can’t wait to see the little skirt! I love little knit skirts!

Everything looks great That ruffle purse will be stunning!

Everything looks wonderful! I love the color on the ruffled purse!