FO's and a work in progress

just want to post a couple of the things I’ve been working on. the green block is a swatch for a sweater i’ll be working on soon, though I have the swatch on the wrong side…hehe oops. knitted a bookmark for my wife when she reads, the sock is 1 of a pair for my son, and the hat is going to my local yarn shop for the local newborns and preemies charity they have going.

The project I’m working on currently is a Tie, as I’m out of a job, and I’ll probably need it for interviews.

I really liked the colour of the swatch! I think it’s going to be a lovely sweater. And the bookmark is lovely too!

  1. Get the other sock done :lol:!
  2. Good luck with the interviews :hug:

And WTG on the charity project!

Everything looks great! You’ll have to show us how the tie looks when it’s done and tied. :wink: Good luck with the job search and interviews!

hehe, the tie is proving to be a pain, but I like the colorway I picked for it, got 30 more pattern repeats to go before I cut off the CC, then 196 rounds in the MC before I’m finished. but yes, I will definitely post pics of it wearing me.

Thanks for sharing your updates with us! What a wonderful person you are! Very special! :hug:

Oh, to have a hubby who knits…but alas, mine builds log houses and lets me knit in peace! :thumbsup:

You’ve been busy!
Lovely, vibrant colours are always good… very nice work.

All the colors are so nice and bright. Lucky wife and son!

Everything is looking fabooo! Much good luck on the job hunting! Until then, what a better thing to do than KNIT!!!

Very nice!!I especially like the bookmark!:cheering: and the socks look cute!