FO's and a couple of WIP's

I’m having so much fun with knitting lately! :cheering:

The baby hats are made with carons simply soft, carons dazzleaire, and adora(the fuzzy looking hats).

I love all of it!!! Great job!! :smiley:

All that little bitty stuff is just precious.

I’m having so much fun with knitting lately!

Oh good! I was getting worried you’d given up knitting! :shock: Everything looks fabulous!! The slippers are really cute!

:smiley: Everything looks great! I really love your slippers :thumbsup:

Everything looks wonderful Jenelle! You have been busy!

Wowee!! You are just cranking out the cuteness m’lady!!

Too cute!! Can we have that slipper pattern - pretty please??!


Pocketbook slippers.

Fairly easy pattern too. Only took me about 1.5 hours per slipper.

You’ve been busy!! Fantastic job on everything!

…and I thought I might actually be able to resist knitting these immediately.

From the look of the pattern, you adjust the number of stitches in the 2x2 ribbing section to make a longer or shorter slipper - do I have that right?

Yes. They do stretch quite a bit though.

I’m thinking that you could increase 4 or decrease 4 if you wanted to alter the size of them.

Like how they say increase until you get 22 sts on the needle, I’m thinking that you could increase until you have 18 or until you have 26 sts on the needle. You’d have to play around with it a little bit though.

Tanjuberrymudge :smiley:

You’ve been bust Jenelle! Everything looks fantastic!!

Wow! You’ve been busy!! Great job on everything!! :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

Wow Jenelle, you’re just a knitting fiend! Great stuff!

Did you get the Adora at Big Lots? I picked some up there too! LOL I haven’t done anything with it yet though. Does it take about one skein per hat?

Is the preemie blanket in Bernat Baby Coordinates? That looks familiar. That’s what I started (and have yet to finish) my very first knitting project with!

Yes I got the adora at Big lots. It takes half a skein to make a hat.

And yes the blanket is made from Bernat Coordinates. I have 6 skeins of it and I need to get most of it used!

Big Lots has YARN?! :shock: I rarely go there even though it’s right around the corner, but I’ll check it out! I also found 2 local thrift stores and posted a wanted message on freecycle! :cheering:

Oh Jenelle, everything looks great! I bookmarked those slippers–so cute! :inlove:

Yup, big lots has yarn. I grabbed 16 skeins of the stuff, and that’s a lot of yarn! They also had some weird cotton blend yarn and some novelty yarns.

Thrift stores are awesome to get yarn from. :thumbsup: