FO's Amanda's Squatty sidekick- a- thon

So… what have I been doing? here’s a few things:

Amanda #2, with wool from Kiparoo Farms in their Sea colorway.

Amanda #3 with Noro Kureyon

I added a pocket before felting:

Amanda #4 with the rest of the Twilley’s wool from IZA!

A capelet for my daughter (crocheted) so she can have a little warmth over her cast. (and b/c it was such a cute pattern.) Again, the yarn is wool from Kiparoo Farms:

and my FIRST sock-like object!!! a doll bootie from one skein wonders. first major DPN project, and it wasn’t too bad!

Thanks for looking- now on to the second bootie! (and sewing buttons on all the bags!) Marykz

Love those bags! I will have to make one some day. The capelet is very cute. Hope your daughter enjoys it.

Everything is gorgeous and adorable!