FO's: A Lamb Lovey and 2 Puppy Woobies

This is the beginning of my Christmas knitting – with 6 grandchildren (who all love knitted sweaters, afghans, toys, etc), I have to get started early.

I loved the woobie zebra that Jan in CA posted last month, but I wanted to do a free pattern. I knitted the Lamb Lovie (, and then decided that it would be worth it to buy the “woobie” patterns. I have now finished two puppy woobies, and I love the pattern. I only had to buy one skein of yarn for all three. I thought I had enough red for the border, but I didn’t. (I couldn’t believe how much yarn it took for the borders.) The rest was left-overs in my stash. I am going to knit a striped kitty cat next.

Here are the pictures:

Ohhhh! Those are adorable! Great job on all three!

(I guess I’ll never understand why a blanket needs a head, but, hey, if it makes the kiddos happy, then :shrug:)

It’s a cross between a blanket and a stuffed animal. And I’m sure my little DGC’s will love them! I just have to make sure I save them until Christmas.

You know how little kids carry around a blankie and it’s so long it drags on the ground? Or sometimes it’s a stuffed animal? Well this is much smaller than a full size baby blanket and combines the two things kids love. No mystery. :slight_smile:

They are adorable, Betty! I’ll have to make the puppy!!

Those are so cute and lovable! They will make fabulous Christmas presents which will certainly be favorites. And thanks very much for the pattern link. Jan’s zebra woobie is indeed an inspiration.

Great job!!! Love the colors :slight_smile:
I guess I really should USE the pattern that I bought!!:teehee:

Those are precious. I know my granddaughter loves the “lovies” she has. By the way, your rug looks identical to one I inherited from fmother!

Thanks. What a coincidence! I inherited the rug from MY mother.

Thanks, Jan. I started the kitty tonight. The border is my favorite part of the blanket – it comes out so neat and finished-looking – but it is also the hardest part. I feel like I am almost done, by the time I start on the main part of the blanket.

You really SHOULD! You will love the way it turns out.

They are so adorable, but I really love the little doggy ones. They are so cute.

Me too! In fact, I actually plan to make four more “woobies” and keep the lamb lovie at my house for any GC to love. It is very soft, just not as cute.

These blankets are TO DIE FOR! I especially love the colorful ones! Oh my…just so adorable!

Very cute! I especially love the puppy!

Those are absolutely adorable!