FOs- a duckling, a turtle and a leash bag holder

I have been in a never ending UFO trap lately. I have a few projects that I just can’t finish like my mom’s sweater which I am pretty sure now after I am almost done is not the right style for her body. So I decided to break out of my rut and knit something small. I really needed to finish something!
Knit Peep I used Patons Be Mine in Fuzzy Yellow and size 8 needles I used magic loop instead of dpns.

Next I tried my hand at a little crochet. I used to crochet a lot more than I knit but have fallen away from it. Except for borders on blankets I haven’t crocheted anything in years. This is my first ever crochet toy. It’s overstuffed so she is a very fat little turtle! I used Caron SS and this pattern

Finally this is probably one of the most practical things I have ever knit. This is prototype #2 Leash bag holder. The first one was frogged because I really didn’t like looking at the bags through the lacy holes like you see in most bag holders. I used one of the “and cream” cotton yarns. It holds 4 plastic grocery bags. I have it hooked on the handle of Bentley’s leash so I am always prepared.

I just posted the pattern for the leash bag holder on my blog for all those who have asked for it. Thanks!

Your items are so cute! And what a great ideal for the plastic bags!

Beautiful! :thumbsup:

LOVE the duckling - how adorable!

Leash bag holder- what a fabulous idea!! Thanks for posting the pattern!

Love the critters, too. :slight_smile:

cute ideas

Love that duckling! Was that yarn hard to work with? Its so nubby I’d be afraid I’d snag it constantly. The leash holder is a great idea:thumbsup:

Very cute! :muah:

Very nice!

How cute are those??? :inlove:

Cute chickie and turtle. Is the bag thing attached to the leash?

I love the little peep! Also, the bag holder is a great idea! Who would’ve thunk? Good Job!

Very nice, Holly! Thanks for sharing!

I’m sorry when I read the topic " a duckling, a turtle and and leash bag holder" all that hit me was the beginning of a joke…you know a duckling, a turtle, and leash bag holder are all sitting at a bar… anyone besides me know what I am talking about??? Sorry, weird sense of humor I guess…Just made me chuckle to myself.



They look great!! Very cute :yay:

A little. I used a smaller sized needle than was called for so that didn’t help. It is horrible to frog or tink!

Yes. I have it attached to the handle so I don’t have to worry about remembering it.

That is exactly what I was thinking when I wrote it!:teehee: It is such a weird combo of stuff it would probably make a great joke!