FO's ~ 4 bootie slippers & 1 Hat

I have been busy busy knitting the last few days :XX: Everytime people come over my fabulous husband says ‘look at all the great stuff my wife makes for our family!’ and then, of course, after touching my wares, comes the question ‘would you make one for me?’ …
This picture is of the booties I made for my beloved daughter and the tiny pair and hat is for my niece.
The other 2 pair of slippers I made were black (for hubby) and purple (for myself) and since they are ‘in use’ I don’t have any pics of them… but they are equally delightfull!
Yarn Used: Paton’s Classic Wool, Merino
Color Pictured: That’s Pink/Viola` Rose (has both names on the label)
It took exactly 2 skeins to make all items pictured.

Would anyone have a suggestion on how to make the bow on the baby hat look better? As it is, the I-cord bow is crooked and the ‘tails’ are all over the place. Any guidance would be appreciated. I have considered buying some pink ribbon to use instead of the I-Cord… but I spent a good deal of time making the cord!!! :shock:

Thanks everyone!

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Those look great! And I love the color. :heart:

OOH! They look GREAT!

Re: the icord… maybe you could just experiment with different ways of tying the bow? Try making two loops & tying them around one another…

You’ve been busy! Looking good!

I think I may have made it too thick, and maybe not quite long enough. I did use the entire 2nd skein with zero left overs to make all that stuff. Only took about 1½ days to make.
Knitting, and especially everyone on this forum, have really turned my life around. Thanks everyone!

Pretty! What pattern are the boots from?

RE: the bow… try wrapping the yarn around the other way after the first loop is made. That often straightens it out.

Very nice!! I agree with the bow tying.

So cute!! Those look like some super-comfy booties!

Those are awesome!

awwwm how cute!

Those are beautiful :smiley: What a wonderful husband you have that happily & proudly shows off your knitting :cheering: :cheering: You might also try tying a knot at the end of the ICords, too, after tying the bow :wink:
GORGEOUS :cheering: :cheering:

:cheering: those are to cute great job on them :thumbsup:

Adorable work! And I second the suggestion for the i-cord on the baby hat.

Super cute! What pattern did you use for them - I just love them both :slight_smile:

The booties came from this website and the hat came from a book I purchased called Last Minute Knitted Gifts.

Those are adorable!! :smiley:

Awesome! I love that your DH brags on your knitting :slight_smile:

very cool. That hat is so cute. I like the booties, they look warm and toasty