FOS: 12" Doll Clothes (and my DGD with doll)

My DGD’s 4th Birthday was Oct. 2. I got to see the doll the day it arrived and take some measurements in the middle of Sept. I made up all these patterns using some baby weight yarn. Luckily they fit just right when I mailed them. :woot: As DGD said, “Now she (the doll) can play in the snow.”

DGD is adorable and her doll is perfectly outfitted. Really well done!

You ought to write a book! Everything is adorable!

Wow they are really cute as is the adorable dgd. Everytime I see one of you ladies post stuff for little girls it makes me sad as I only have grandsons and they don’t want to seem to play dolls even though my oldest grandson (11) is a clothes horse! lol

Nonny, we have 8 grand children and only 2 boys, all the girls are teenagers except this one. Our older grandson is also 11. I haven’t knit him much. I just made him a hat for his birthday. His mom said his favorite color right now was purple, so I took a chance on a royal purple slouch hat. I heard he grabbed it saying, “Purple”, and put it on his head. I don’t know if he liked it once he saw it on. :lol: I tried. They can be very opinionated.

Merigold, those clothes are adorable! Is that a Bitty Baby? My DGD got one for her birthday, and I’ve seen free patterns for those dolls. linknit41

linknit41, it is a Corolle Primier Tidoo Baby. I think this particular one is named Graceful. When I was looking I didn’t find very many patterns for a 12" doll.

Thanks for the comment.

Cute! I am often tempted to start making clothes for my daughter’s toys, mostly stuffed animals. They seem to provide even more instant gratification than children clothes :slight_smile:

And your granddaughter is adorable! :slight_smile:

Awww! She’s a little doll herself and the little sweater is really cute!

Oh Judy, it’s simply lovely! The darlin’ little blonde is adorable, as is her dolly in the sweater you knit! Great work!