Forum help please?


I wasn’t sure where to put this question, as I didn’t find a feedback type of forum.

Anyway, I am new here, but not to forums. My problem is, no matter what I try, I cannot get any smilies to work in my posts and if I want to use italics, bold, etc., I have to type in the tags for them, as those won’t “work” either.

Am I doing something wrong or is there something like newbies having to have a certain number of posts before having these work?

TIA for the help!

No you should be able to use them, no matter how many you post. However, they’re not available in Quick Reply mode, unless you click the Reply button, then Go Advanced below the message window. Or you can click the red Post Reply buttom toward the bottom of the page below the messages.

I am using the regular reply button, that’s why I didn’t understand why it didn’t work… hmmm…

I went into my user settings to see if there was anything in there, but there didn’t appear to be.

It really has me stumped, since I ran my own health-related forum for over a year and have helped literally hundreds of people with this type of problem, so I feel a bit foolish to have to ask. My forum was a phpBB, but still, this is pretty much the same thing.

I’ll have to keep trying different things to see what works, but thanks for trying to help, I appreciate it!!!

I probably should also mention that I cannot edit my posts at all. It opens up a new window with the text for editing, but when I click on “save”, nothing happens.

Also, when I click on “new posts”, no posts that I have replied in or started shows up… is this normal?

I am beginning to get discouraged with all this, lol.

When you use the regular Post reply button, there are some icons above the message window for formatting, text, etc. Do you have one that’s a smiley face?

Here’s a screenshot of what I see, it’s just that nothing works, lol. Usually after I type something, I highlight it and then click on “B” for bold (for example) and it just doesn’t work, so I have been manually typing in those types of things. But, the smilies don’t work at all and without knowing the individual image codes for them, I’m out of luck.

Thanks for helping!

Sorry about the pic quality, I didn’t want to put up too large of an image.

Yep, you’ve got all the right things showing up. The forum web guru is gone for the weekend, but I think there’s a way to contact him to point him at your problem.

Thanks, I’d appreciate any help with these issues.

I didn’t hear back, but I’m sure he’ll look into it when they return home.

Are you able to click on [More] under the Smilies?

When I do a window pops up with the images of the smilies and the codes required to type them in manually.
It doesn’t fix the problem but it’s a way around it until it can be fixed.


I don’t know how or why but your ability to switch editor modes has been disabled. See the overlapping A’s in the top left corner of your image?

Have you checked your personal settings to make sure you didn’t disable html editing or perhaps need to enable it?

One more thing,

Does your “Additional Options” menu below the editor window under “Miscellaneous Options” have “Disable smilies in text” checked?

Nothing happens when I click on “more”, but thanks for the suggestion. I just can’t imagine what in the world is going on, lol. I don’t mind typing in the codes for the text, that is like second nature, but I would like to use the smilies and also be able to edit a post if needed.

I noticed that mark through the A’s, too. I went into my settings (Edit Options) and there are three different settings for Message Editor Interface. I have tried each of them and still nothing worked.

That’s the only place I could imagine the html editing settings to be, I’ve scoured through the settings and couldn’t find anything other than that. If anyone knows of a place I’m overlooking, please let me know.

No, it’s unchecked.

Isn’t this a stumper? Leave it to me, lol.

I’m hoping it’s some simple little thing that I have overlooked, but for the life of me, I can’t seem to figure it out. As I said in one of the first posts, I ran an 800 member forum for about a year and dealt with this sort of thing all the time, usually it was something that someone had overlooked or mistakenly checked. That’s why this is driving me silly, lol.

Thank you all for all of the continued suggestions and help!

One question I have for you is can you see smilies and such that other people have used? If you can’t, then go to your user settings, then edit options (in the list of options on the left side of the screen), the scroll down to the thread display options and make sure that there is a check mark in the box for “Show images”.

If you can see other’s smilies then you can check to see is what editor you’re using. Go to user settings, edit options, and scroll down to near the bottom there’s a box labeled “miscellaneous options” and in that box you have a choice of two editors. If you’re using the basic one that could be causing the problem. Try changing to “Standard editor”, saving your choice, then maybe sign out of the forum and then sign back in to see if that makes any difference.

Hope this helps!
Debra in NC

Yeah, I can see others smilies fine.

I have tried changing those, but it still didn’t work. But I haven’t tried logging out and then back in after doing so. I’ll go try that - thanks!


[B][COLOR=“Red”][SIZE=“3”]It’s working!!![/SIZE][/COLOR][/B]


The story goes like this…

I use both IE and Firefox, but all my bookmarks for this site and others are on IE. When the Firefox update popped up again today, I figured I may as well update it now, since the popup was getting annoying. So, when it was done the thought crept up that maybe it would make a difference here and I figured I’d come to the website and just see if it made any difference at all and it did!! I even clicked on “more” and the smilie box opened up, so the only thing left to check is to see if I can edit my posts.

I really don’t understand why it made a difference, since my IE was completely updated, etc. but whatever the reason is, it’s working, lol!!
Thanks again for all of your suggestions and help through all this![/SIZE][/COLOR][/B]


Edited to add: I can edit, too!!! AND… when I click on “new posts” or “today’s posts” it shows the threads I have been active in, whereas it didn’t before.

Yay! I much prefer FF to IE for all sites.


The only reason I use both is because of my IE bookmarks. I have a long list of knitting and crochet patterns, all set up in folders and subfolders and no matter what extras I have tried from FF, I can’t seem to get them set up in the same way, so I have used both IE and FF for quite some time now because of that.

I think now that I have updated to FF3, the bookmarks look different, so I may move them over… I hate the thought of moving them though, ha ha.

I do like most aspects of FF better, though. It certainly worked out well in this situation! :thumbsup:

I’m pretty sure you can import your IE favorites, though I’ve only done it from NS to FF.

Yeah, they can be imported. I did it, but they are all over the place, I can’t find anything in the right place. The nice folders & subfolders I had them in are all messed up, so I may try to find a way around that problem. I looked for some FF options (add on’s, etc), but none of them actually fit the exact problem I am having. I think I will just keep using IE for all the free patterns I have, since they are all in the folders and subfolders and it wouldn’t be a hassle to try to fix them here in FF.

The biggest thing with using both is that I think I just used IE for so long, that there will always be things I like and dislike about both browsers. What can I say, I’m confused, LOL! :think: