Forum changes are coming...please read

Is this thing on… :oo: taps mic sqqqeeeeaaaaahh! :shock:

Attention citizens of KH. It’s Sheldon, KH’s faithful and unwaivering technical guru. I’ve been working diligently for the past couple months laying the groundwork for a major forum upgrade. In a nutshell, we have outgrown our existing forum software (PHPBB) necessitating a change to something more powerful and and capable of growing with the ever growing community of KH’rs. The new software is vBulletin and offers us a more stable and secure forum as well as some very nice features for our members (better subscription manage, better search, galleries, groups, better spam thwarting, and many more features that will be rolled out in the coming months).

The nice thing about vBulletin is its similarities to our current forum software. For all intents and purposes they are pretty much identical. So the learning curve is nearly inexistent. There will be some new features and tools which may be unfamiliar, but the core features of the forum (boards, threads, posting, etc.) will be virtually identical.

While I anticipate the upgrade will go smoothly, there one pre-upgrade precaution I would recommend everyone make beforehand: save a copy of your avatar and signature. While my initial tests show that this information is imported in just fine I think it’s still a good precaution to take just in case.

As for the upgrade date…well it’s still tentative. I am hoping sooner rather than later. I will post again once we have finalized a launch date. Unfortunately, KH’s forum will be offline for the duration of the upgrade. My initial tests runs took roughly 6 hours to import in the old forum info. I will try to schedule the upgrade to take place during our least busy periods (12AM - 6AM EST).

That’s the news from KH central.


  • Sheldon