Forum addiction cutting into knitting time

I am getting rather addicted to this forum and it’s actually cutting into my knitting time! Is that irony? (I never know if I use that word correctly). Okay, MUST do some knitting now - I’m going to try not to check back until tomorrow!!:slight_smile:

I do the same…reading about knitting instead of actually doing it! Saving patterns like crazy instead of knitting them.:knitting:

In the famous words of “The Monk”…"It’s a blessing…and a curse!:wink:

[SIZE=5][B]Just put down the mouse and step away!!![/B][/SIZE]


I think many of us have the same problem.

Irony: noun: incongruity between what might be expected and what actually occurs.

So yeah, I think its irony :roflhard:

I agree with Mason! Its time for an intervention.

Now wait a minute - isn’t that irony too? A knitting forum intervention to help a forum member stop browsing the forum and start knitting :??

HAHAHA - Obviously, I couldn’t wait til morning to check back! Okay, this is really it - GOOD NIGHT!

I have to check the site out too, every day Amazing what I have learned though :teehee:

My name is Monica and I am a KH addict!

Herbalaire vaporizer

Yes, I have already learned so much too!


Me too! Even though I don’t post much, I am here numerous times during the day. Yikes!!!