Fortune's "birdy" Sweater

Since everyone else got something for Valentine’s I decided Fortune deserved something too so whipped up this doggy sweater for him. The colors are canary and dove thus the bird reference.

What a beautiful sweater! But Fortune looks like he’s not very happy. Were you trying to make him stay in one spot again?

Poor camera-shy poopy dog!!!

Oh cute. He does look unhappy doesn’t he? LOL He’ll forgive you.

Awww what a Tweety pie! :teehee:

Fortune is this super duper codependent, clingy dog and he will do whatever you tell him to do pretty much, BUT that doesn’t mean he doesn’t talk ugly in his mind! :roflhard: He knows when I bring out the camera that I am most likely going to take a pic of him so he just stands there! He is almost 12 years old so I figure the look is just being too old and too tired to complain so I get the look. :roflhard:

He’s adorable and the sweater is too. Well done!

Ha ha! I swear he looks as though he’s thinking, “My momma dresses me funny!”

Of course, we all thinks his attire is adorable, but he doesn’t seem to think so!!

Great sweater, nonny2t!:cheering:

Older dogs do have a way with giving us that “I can’t believe you’re at this again” look, don’t they?

I remind my old guy that it could always be worse, I could be dressing him in a tutu instead of a dog sweater. Not that it matters much to him - anything reeking of dog clothes is an insult to his dignity.:teehee:

I caught him today with it half on, half off. I have no idea how he gets his paw out of it when he is sleeping, but he does. He is my little character. His human sister is doggysitting him this weekend while we are on a romance/shopping trip for the long weekend. She has a yorkie who is 16 I believe and he and Fortune get along great so it we sit for each other’s dogs so they don’t have to be kenneled. We dropped him off at their house and as we walked out the door he came up to the door like “where you goin?” I told him he was staying with Thomas (my grandson) this weekend and he turns his back on us and walks away like, “Oh, ok, that’s ok then!” :roflhard:

My dog did the same thing, Nonny! Somehow she had one leg out of the neck! I don’t let her wear a sweater when we aren’t home to watch her now.

My dog does the same thing!

Reminds me of a 2 year old running around the house half nekkid, trying to pull their diaper off.:stuck_out_tongue:

What’s up with that??

Hope you enjoy the shopping/romance trip…

Aw, cute dog in a cute sweater! Are those little bone embelishments on the collar?

Very cute! You did a great job on it … I love the bright yellow color! :yay:

Yes, they are bones and a fire hydrant. I thought they were too cute to pass up.

Beautiful pup in a gorgeous sweater!

I can’t keep sweaters or coats on my hounds, but my old Shih Tzu and old Llasa Apso (both now deceased) loved their coats. I didn’t knit them. I purchased them at PetsMart. A thick felted flannel fabric. The coats velcroed under their chin in the front, and under their belly. The coats kept them warm when we were in the mountains during hunting. It got awfully cold at night, and blustery in the daytime.

This is our (deceased) female hound and our (deceased) Llasa Apso, in the camper during hunting season. The hound has crammed herself into the Llasa’s bed. Sigh. You can see the little flannel coat on the Llasa. It worked really well.

During cold spells these days, my husband has mellowed…and is totally in love with my current Shih Tzu. When it’s cold up there in the mountains, I put her under the covers with me! Her crate (on the floor by my bed in the trailer) gets real cold. We keep the heat down low at night.