Former employer killed in Beijing

I recently mentioned to a friend I had a foreboding sense that something bad would happen at the Olympics. No clue what…just a feeling.

Bachman’s CEO Killed, Wife Injured in Beijing Attack

I worked at Bachman’s for 15 yrs and the current execs were my peers so we somewhat grew up together both within the company and in the community. (I went to HS with one of them.)

After such a stellar display at the opening ceremonies, now this. :frowning:


I heard about that. :frowning: Knowing them would make it really hard. I’m sorry! :hug:

How terrible . It is a horrible thing to happen .

Such a tragic and senseless act of unprovoked violence. I am so sorry.

So sorry to hear about this. I read the article you linked to. Sounds like they were really nice people. What a horrible tragedy.

Just so weird. Of ALL the ppl currently in Beijing and the person killed is someone I know. The Bachmans are a great family and their company is well-known and respected. (Some might know of them by a former company they used to have called ‘Dept 56’ which had line of snow villages et al.) We were frequently visited by florists/nurserymen from all over the world looking for their expertise.


My husband is shocked, he provides flower bulbs to Bachman’s and has for years. I don’t think he knew him personally but he is still shocked. We will be sending them flowers and our condolences on Monday.

A real tragedy for sure.

How horrible, I’m so sorry :hug:

It is so terrible. It sounds like, unfortunately, their daughter witnessed the whole horrible thing. Hopefully the Mother will recover from her injuries.

:hug:so sorry.

That is so terrible. I am so sorry.